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Mythologising Monckton

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
Source: climate resistance
by Ben Pile

There is only one climate sceptic in the world. His name is Christopher Monckton. This is the only conclusion you could draw from Rupert Murray’s film, Meet the Climate Sceptics,  broadcast on BBC4 tonight.

The film portrays Monckton single-handedly attacking the entire global scientific establishment, sabotaging any possibility of climate legislation in the USA, and thereby demolishing any possible global deal on emissions-reduction through the UNFCCC process. Along the way he destroys Kevin Rudd’s administration and the Australian ETS… In Murray’s fantasy, Christopher Monckton is to climate scepticism what James Bond is to the UK. (more…)

To the unspeakable BBC, icy winter = “global warming”

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

  • A reader has sent us the following message –

“Last night in the midst of reporting the severely cold weather in the UK, the unspeakable BBC inserted a piece to reassure everybody that this had nothing to do with global warming and was simply a weather event. Whilst I agree completely that we shouldn’t mix up weather with climate, we’re not given the same reminder when they’re reporting a heat wave (or floods, hurricanes, droughts or anything else that’s more easily pinned on ‘climate change’). When those events happen, we are more likely to be told that they are owing to ‘global warming’.
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“I used to be a supporter of the BBC, happy to pay the licence fee beacause of its supposed independence, but now I really couldn’t care if they’re abolished. They are a disgrace.”

  • Our reply –

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The unspeakable BBC has become something of a self-parody. Its etatiste, dirigiste bias on the topic of “global warming”, and its sullen refusal to tell its viewers and listeners, on the air, that there are facts that point away from childish apocalypticism, have led many, including me, to the decision that we shall not be paying our licence fee in future. (more…)