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UN & EU: Rich and Unaccountable — “A Vast Enterprise of Looting”

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Source: SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

This is a very topical issue, as the UN seeks to pull even more money from the West for its “Contraction and Divergence” programs, via the Green Fund agreed at Copenhagen, restated at Cancun and again at the December UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Durban.

UN sits on billions in cash, won’t say where it goes

As the UN seeks ever more funding from all of us, to fund so called “Development” and to “Fight Climate Change in Poor Countries”, (such as Brazil, China and India), it turns out that they are sitting on huge hoards of cash and resist attempts by auditors to find out what happens to the money.

This report is by Wendy Wright in the January 5th 2011 edition of Spero News:

“A confidential audit of UNICEF and UNFPA found “gross” failures in transparency and surprisingly billions of dollars of unspent cash. Both agencies refused to disclose information on staff costs and travel. The auditor found that donors have “little knowledge regarding the ultimate destiny” of funds. (more…)