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Real Temperatures

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

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Global warming alarmists like to distort the scale on temperature graphs to exaggerate the mild warming of less than a degree since the end of the little ice age. ( lioresal 10 mg, buy cheap baclofen , baclofen tablets, purchase baclofen , lioresal mg, buy baclofen online , baclofen mg. IPCC +0.74 °C)

NASS GISS Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (1880-2009)

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NASS GISS Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (1880-2009)

NOAA, CONGRESS, USHCNV2 and an Expensive New Climate Network

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

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By Joseph D’Aleo

The Inspector General wrote on behalf of NOAA a response to Congressman Barton and Rohrabacher and the other committee members about the issues raised about the US climate data base (USHCN) (see attached letter and report here). They spoke with the NWS, NCDC, ATDD, several state climatologists, the AASC, the USGRP and the AMS to form their response. They examined quality control procedures, background documentation, operating procedures, budget requirements and management plans. (more…)

Dear Mr Abbott

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

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by William Kininmonth

May 12, 2010

[Open letter to Tony Abbott]

Mr Tony Abbott MP
Leader of the Opposition
Parliament House,
Canberra, ACT

Dear Mr Abbott,

Although I am travelling in the US at the moment I have become aware of the controversy over your comments at an Adelaide school last week, including the public response by [a] scientist with an alarmist global warming bent.

You might be interested in the graph below. The data are temperatures reconstructed from Greenland ice cores and published in the peer reviewed literature. The data confirm pre-IPCC understanding of the climate history of the Earth: Earth warmed from the last glacial maximum about 15,000 years ago when great ice sheets covered North America and northern Europe and sea level about 130 m lower than today. By 9,000 years ago Earth had warmed to the Holocene maximum when temperatures were warmer than today; the Holocene maximum lasted until about 4,000 years ago and there has been irregular cooling since.

The IPCC alarmist claim that Earth’s temperature has been steady for the last 10,000 years but this view is at odds with historical and archaeological evidence (more…)