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Tropical Climate Variability

Friday, October 28th, 2011
Source:  Climate Change Reconsidered
Ault, T.R., Cole, J.E., Evans, M.N., Barnett, H., Abram, N.J., Tudhope, A.W. and Linsley, B.K. 2009. Intensified decadal variability in tropical climate during the late 19th century. Geophysical Research Letters 36: 10.1029/2008GL036924.

As recounted by Beniston and Goyette (2007), “it has been assumed in numerous investigations related to climatic change that a warmer climate may also be a more variable climate (e.g., Katz and Brown, 1992; IPCC, 2001; Schar et al., 2004),” and in this regard they remark that “such statements are often supported by climate model results, as for example in the analysis of GCM and/or RCM simulated temperature and precipitation (Mearns buy baclofene uk. intrathecal baclofen als action for baclofen . baclofen and orthostatic hypotension. baclofen pump therapy cheap lioresal online lioresal 25 mg¬† et al., 1990, 1995) or in multiple-model simulations over Europe.” (more…)