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Maryland: Martin O’Malley’s Looming Climate Tax

Monday, October 11th, 2010

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Last week I attended a PR event for the new movie Cool It featuring the Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg. Cool It based on Lomborg’s book by the same name, is an antidote to Al Gore’s fallacy riddled scare mongering film, An Inconvenient Truth. The film accepts that global warming or climate change (the alarmists are using climate crisis now) is real and it should be dealt with, but that it’s not the apocalyptic event Gore makes it out to be, and that the current Kyoto-style cap and trade approach is not working.

Lomborg argues—correctly—that spending trillions of dollars on carbon mitigation schemes (cap and trade) for a negligible return on investment—literally less than a degree of temperature reduction—is waste of money, which could be used to address more pressing issues like poverty and healthcare

I asked Lomborg what he thought about Martin O’Malley’s plan to reduce Maryland’s greenhouse gasses by 25% of 2006 levels by 2020. Lomborg’s replied “good luck with that.”

The snarky bluntness of Lomborg’s criticism may offend Maryland’s green zealots, but it has the virtue of being true. (more…)

Global cooling hits Al Gore’s home

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Source: UK Telegraph

by Christopher Booker

Nashville, the home of leading global warming prophet Al Gore, has enjoyed the coolest July 21 on record, observes Christopher Booker.

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Al Gore

Al Gore, obscured by snow Photo: AP

It was delightfully appropriate that, as large parts of Argentina were swept by severe blizzards last week, on a scale never experienced before, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, should have enjoyed the coolest July 21 in its history, breaking a record established in 1877. Appropriate, because Nashville is the home of Al Gore, the man who for 20 years has been predicting that we should all by now be in the grip of runaway global warming. (more…)

Climategate Analysis

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

by Jonathan DuHamel, Economic Geologist

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The Science and Public Policy Institute has published an analysis of the leaked climategate emails. This 149-page document takes the emails in chronological order and shows, with comments on each message, how science was perverted.

In the introductory material the report says:

The entire industry of “climate science” was created out of virtually nothing, by means of a massive influx of funding that was almost universally one-sided in its requirement that its recipients find evidence for man-made climate change—not investigate whether or how much mankind had caused climate change.

Many “climate scientists” built their entire careers on this funding; and so it is not surprising that they became so completely reliant on this conditional lifeline, that they became single-mindedly focused on achieving the ends for which they were commissioned—and viciously attacking any intruders who may threaten that lifeline.

The PDF file may be download from either of these links:

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New SPPI Paper on NRDC’s Ocean Acidification Scare Film

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

by Robert Ferguson

The new SPPI paper can be found here:

Reproduced here is the Foreword to the paper.


First, they called it “global warming”. Then they noticed there had been no warming for 15 years, and cooling for 9, so they hastily renamed it “climate change”. Then they noticed the climate was changing no more than it ever had, so they tried “energy security”, and even named a Congressional Bill after it. Then they noticed that most Western nations already had bountiful energy security, in the form of vast, untapped domestic supplies of oil, gas, coal, or all three, so they switched to “ocean acidification”.

This is the new phantasmagoric for the tired, old scare whipped up by the NRDC and the environmental extremist movement for their own profit at our expense. The world’s corals, they tell us, will be eaten away by the acidified ocean within not more than ten years hence. Shellfish will be no more, their calcified carapaces and exoskeletons dissolved by the carbonic acid caused by our burning of fossil fuels. The oceans will die. Sound familiar?

Yet, as the indefatigable Craig Idso here demonstrates, the scientific consensus – if science were done by consensus at all, which it is not – is that the rising “ocean acidification” scare is just more piffle. (more…)

Our Heart to Lord Christopher Monckton

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Source: Courtesy of American Thinker

December 21, 2009

by Jane Jamison

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change ( doxycycline coupon doxycycline for dogs doxycycline online UNCCC or COP15) in Copenhagen has concluded with no treaty , no “agreement”, no “goals” other than trivial ones, no “enforcement” provisions, and no “reparations” to third world countries, whom do we thank?

The person credited with the first, most credible denouncement of man-made global warming is MIT Professor Richard Lindzen, who presented a paper in 2005 called “Is the Global Warming Alarm Founded on Fact?”

There are the unknown conscientious “objectors” who, just prior to the UNCCC, released thousands of emails and documents proving decades of fraud by the “global warming” institutions and “scholars.”  Then came the many scholarly websites (,,,,,—to mention just a few) and the scientists who worked over-time analyzing the leaked documents.  They have pieced together at least twenty years of “faked” global warming graphs and organized suppression of opposing points of view.

Many of us had perhaps “heard” of the Copenhagen climate summit in recent years, but knew only that it was some sort of kooky follow-up to the Kyoto Treaty, which President Bush had refused to sign.

If it were not for the charismatic and diligent leadership of one man, America and the rest of the industrialized world might not have understood the expense and the socialistic aspects of the proposed Copenhagen treaty until it was way too late. Let us send a “heart” out to the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, otherwise known as Lord Christopher Monckton of the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), for his tireless efforts in the past two months. (more…)