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Extreme Precipitation Events in Northeast Spain

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Source: CCR

Begueria, S., Angulo-Martinez, M., Vicente-Serrano, S.M., Lopez-Moreno, J.I. and El-Kenawy, A. 2011. Assessing trends in extreme precipitation events intensity and magnitude using non-stationary peaks-over-threshold analysis: a case study in northeast Spain from 1930 to 2006. International Journal of Climatology 31: 2102-2114.

Writing as background for their study, Begueria et al. (2011) say that “analysis of the characteristics of extreme precipitation over large areas has received considerable attention, mainly due to its implications for hazard assessment and risk management,” additionally noting that “whether there are trends in extreme precipitation records is currently of major interest in climate change studies,” where climate models suggest that as Earth’s climate warms, various types of extreme weather phenomena will become more frequent and severe. (more…)