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The Expanding Monsoon Rainforests of Australia

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Source:  CO2 Science

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Bowman, D.M.J.S., Murphy, B.P. and Banfai, D.S. 2010. Has global environmental change caused monsoon rainforests to expand in the Australian monsoon tropics? Landscape Ecology 25: 1247-1260.

Citing the work of Bowman et al. (2001), Banfai and Bowman (2006), Bowman and Dingle (2006) and Brook and Bowman (2006), the authors write that “a large research program in the Australian monsoon tropics has concluded that monsoon rainforests have expanded within the savanna matrix” since “the middle of the last century,” while noting that a similar trend “has been emulated throughout the tropics worldwide,” citing the work of Schwartz et al. (1996), Guillet et al. (2001), Puyravaud et al. (2003) and Wigley et al. (2009). And they say that this phenomenon has been “suggested to be linked to a long-term trend towards wetter climates, atmospheric CO2 enrichment, and changed fire regimes,” although they remark that the observed forest expansion in Australia “is remarkable, being contrary to the widely accepted view that fire limits the extent of rainforests.” (more…)