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How climate change has got Worldwide Fund for Nature bamboozled

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Source: Telegraph of London

WWF derives a very hefty chunk of its income from hiring out its iconic panda logo Photo: AFP/Getty Images

WWF has travelled too far from its original aim, to protect endangered species.

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What a strange body the WWF (formerly the World Wildlife Fund, now the Worldwide Fund for Nature) has become these days. It is the largest, richest and most influential environmental lobbying organisation in the world. Originally set up in 1961 by Julian Huxley, Prince Philip, Prince Bernhard and others, for the admirable purpose of campaigning to save species endangered by human activity, it has morphed in the last 20 years into something very different, more akin to a multinational corporation.

The WWF empire now derives a very hefty chunk of its income from partnerships with governments, or the EU, or actual multinationals, such as Coca-Cola and Sky, which like to use its iconic panda logo (originally designed by the naturalist Peter Scott) to give an “eco-caring” gloss to their commercial activities. The chief reason why it has so greatly increased its wealth and influence is that it has joined other lobby groups, such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, in pushing to the top of its agenda that most fashionable and lucrative of environmental causes, the “battle to halt climate change”. (more…)

Hypocrisy: Prince Charles

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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The Prince is coming to the US this week to speak at Georgetown University about “sustainability” so we decided to see just how he lives up to his own standards.

We’ve made a short film that exposes just how hypocritical the Prince is as he lives a fabulous, luxury life whilst lecturing the rest of us that we have to live with less.

PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE exposes the double standard that is at the center of so much environmentalism. It is a shocking viewing.

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Phelim & Ann

Queen set to earn millions from windfarm expansion

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Source: The UK Independent

There is more good financial news for the Queen and 2 days ago – buy prednisone australia generic valtrex home generic cholestrol med 40 mg buy cheap generic prednisone online without prescription . her eventual successor, among the few beneficiaries of last week’s spending review by George Osborne which cut billions off public spending.

The royals will indirectly benefit from the £200m extra that the Government will invest in offshore wind farms and in the port facilities needed to handle them. The seabed within Britain’s territorial waters, which extend almost 14 miles from the coast, is owned by the Crown Estate. Operators pay rent to the Crown Estate for the right to run cables along the seabed, and they also pay out a percentage of the profit from the electricity generated.

For more than two centuries, income from the Crown Estate has gone to the Exchequer, under a deal reached between Parliament and George III. But during his announcement of the Spending Review, Mr Osborne said the royal family is to receive a proportion of the income from the estate. The civil list, which has been Parliament’s way of financing the royal family up to now, is to be frozen, and then abolished outright in 2013.

The number of turbines operating around Britain’s coastline is scheduled to grow from 436 at present to around 6,400 in 2020, creating thousands of new jobs and generating tens of millions of extra income for the Crown Estate. (more…)

More Devestating Than Global Warming? Leftists & Alarmists Turn UK Into Just Another Banana-Island Republic

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Source:  C3 Headlines

The UK is a shell of its former “superpower” self. Sadly, the country that stood up to Hitler has evolved into a nation of pathetic, weak, frightened souls. This once great nation is now solely led by a small group of elitists who casually propagate melodramatic fears with the objectives of asserting greater control and self-enrichment for themselves. In essence, the UK ruling class has become their country’s own worst enemy.

The current events of the UK read like some third world banana republic where Monty Python-crazed despots are institutionalizing irrational policies of self-destruction. Literally, the former superpower has become the world’s super joke – and it’s all self-inflicted. (more…)

Climate Depot Factsheet on Inconvenient History of Global Warming ‘Tipping Points

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Source:  Climate Depot

By Marc Morano

Climate Depot Editorial

Laugh Riot: 190-year climate ‘tipping point’ issued — Despite fact that UN began 10-Year ‘Climate Tipping Point’ in 1989!

Climate Depot Factsheet on Inconvenient History of Global Warming ‘Tipping Points’ — Hours, Days, Months, Years, Millennium — Earth ‘Serially Doomed’

Once again, the world is being warned of a climate “tipping point.” The latest bout of stern warnings comes from a survey of 14 climate “experts.”

Get ready, we only have 190 years! Scientists ‘expect climate tipping point’ by 2200 – UK Independent – June 28, 2010 – Excerpt: “13 of the 14 experts said that the probability of reaching a tipping point (by 2200) was greater than 50 per cent, and 10 said that the chances were 75 per cent or more.”

Such silliness. It’s difficult to keep up whether it is hours, days, months or 1000 years. Here are few recent examples of others predicting climate “tipping points” of various durations. (more…)

Rear Mirror — ‘Save the planet’ rhetoric soars to crazy new heights

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Source:  UK Telegraph

by Christopher Booker

How would you cope if faced with a GCSE physics paper? Have no fear. You don’t need to know anything about physics, so long as you’ve listened to enough environmentalist propaganda. Consider a question from one of last year’s papers. Candidates were asked which of these phrases – “acid rain”, “global warming”, “noise pollution”, “radioactive waste” – went into these sentences: 1. “Nuclear power stations produce…” 2. “Wind farms produce…” 3. “Coal-fired power stations produce sulfur dioxide which causes…” 4. “All fossil-fuel power stations produce carbon dioxide which causes…” So long as you agree with the Government on these matters, you will pass with 100 per cent. (more…)