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More Devestating Than Global Warming? Leftists & Alarmists Turn UK Into Just Another Banana-Island Republic

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Source:  C3 Headlines

The UK is a shell of its former “superpower” self. Sadly, the country that stood up to Hitler has evolved into a nation of pathetic, weak, frightened souls. This once great nation is now solely led by a small group of elitists who casually propagate melodramatic fears with the objectives of asserting greater control and self-enrichment for themselves. In essence, the UK ruling class has become their country’s own worst enemy.

The current events of the UK read like some third world banana republic where Monty Python-crazed despots are institutionalizing irrational policies of self-destruction. Literally, the former superpower has become the world’s super joke – and it’s all self-inflicted. (more…)