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Making Heat Waves Deadly Again

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Source:  SPPI

by Dennis t. Avery

CHURCHVILLE,VA—This last heat wave has been sweltering, but that happens. It was even hotter in 1934, 1911 and other “hot” summers in the past. That’s not extreme weather, it’s “normally abnormal.

The benchmark to remember is that 12,000 people died in the heat wave of 1926! Newspapers as far flung asAustraliareportedU.S.babies “died like flies” in theChicagoghetto in 1911. With no power for air conditioning, today’s far-larger urban population and hotter urban heat islands might have suffered 50,000 deaths last week!

Ironically, last week Mayor Bloomberg ofNew Yorkgave $50 million from his vast personal fortune to the Sierra Club’s get-rid-of-coal campaign. Mayor Bloomberg says he hopes the campaign will shut down one-third ofAmerica’s coal-fired power plants by 2020. Get this straight: the Mayor didn’t donate $50 million to helping poor people pay their electric bills during a hot summer. Instead, he donated that money to get rid of the coal that cost-effectively provides half the nation’s air conditioning! (more…)