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Rear View: Lambert Spin Machine

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Source:  JoNova

Lambert, victim of his own spin?

Spin Cycle Science Cartoon
Lambert has replied to the post buy zyban offers the best prices online for your prescription medication needs buy zyban. I did that pointed out that his use of the fake “Pinker Tape” in the debate with Monckton was a cheap-shot ambush with no real significance.

As usual, his reply includes major claims like “a dishonest post” and ”there’s no wiggle room here”, and, as usual, he can’t back them up.

Dishonest?  I quote Pinker as saying:

[I]f we give Christopher Monckton the benefit of doubt and assume that he meant “the impact of clouds on the surface shortwave radiation” than it can pass.” (more…)