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Huntsman: Did I say that CO2 might kill us all? I meant I’m a big fan of oil sands, coal, oil drilling, and fracking

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Source:  Tom Nelson

Jon Huntsman’s Jobs Plan Cements Shift From Green Republican To Energy Hawk

Huntsman proposed a series of initiatives that are sure to anger environmentalists. Not that that hurts Huntsman in the Republican primary, in which Huntsman has failed miserably so far to gain traction in the polls. In fact, it will be a plus for him with conservatives — many believe environmental objections have gone too far, especially when they prevent the U.S. from producing more of its own energy or obtaining it from more friendly allies.

And Huntsman’s plan makes a sharp point about the need to increase oil imports from Canada, before China steps in and makes deals instead. Huntsman’s outline notes that Canada has more reserves in its Alberta oil sands than exist in all of Iraq.

“Others see the potential in these fields. China wants to invest in Canada’s oil infrastructure. Meanwhile, the United States government is dithering over a pipeline’s proposal to ship Canadian oil to the United States,” Huntsman’s plan said. “The federal government needs to assure Canada that American consumers are ready and willing to purchase the production of Alberta’s oil sands. buy zyban online – get up to 12 viagra pills bonus and free … ” (more…)

The Global Warming Debates In The Republican Party

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Source:  The Climate Policy Network

A sharp divide has emerged between two leading Republican presidential candidates on the issue of climate change. While apparent front-runner Mitt Romney believes the world is getting warmer and that humans are contributing to that pattern, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday called that “a scientific theory that has not been proven.” –Philip Rucker, The Washington Post, 17 August 2011

Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor, tries to save his GOP presidential bid by using global warming as a wedge issue. The trouble with the strategy is that while it draws huzzahs from the media, attacking Republicans rarely appeals to enough … Republicans. This year in particular it’s hard to see much room for Mr. Huntsman running to the left of Mr. Romney. —Paul A Gigot, The Wall Street Journal, 23 August 2011

They have seen the headlines in the past year about doctored data related to global warming. They know that we have been experiencing a cooling trend, that the complexities of the global atmosphere have often eluded the most sophisticated scientists, and that draconian policies with dire economic effects based on so-called science may not stand the test of time. Quite frankly, when science gets hijacked by the political Left, we should all be concerned. –Texas Gov Rick Perry in his book “Fed Up!” (more…)

If Global Warming Doesn’t Kill Us, ET Will

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

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Have the Borg assimilated EPA?

Jon Huntsman estradiol 150 estradiol less than 73 estrace 0.01 cream cost estradiol level over 600 estradiol cream generic cost estradiol estriol bioidentico estrace online  tweeted best prices for all customers! order prednisone online . instant shipping, price of prednisone 10mg. yesterday:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.

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Um. These scientists you trust, some of them at least, are accused of data manipulation and standing the peer-review process on its head. Call me crazy, but I don’t trust them.

In related news, The Guardian brings us:

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

The referenced scientists are a meteorologist and a geographer from Penn State and another researcher from NASA’s Planetary Science Division. Their atarax(hydroxyzine): for symptomatic relief of anxiety and tension associated with psychoneurosis and as an adjunct in organic disease states in which anxi. buy atarax paper (.pdf link) is a “scenario analysis” of what might happen should the Earth experience an encounter with an Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI). Among their conclusions:

Another recommendation is that humanity should avoid giving off the appearance of being a rapidly expansive civilization. If an ETI perceives humanity as such, then it may be inclined to attempt a preemptive strike against us so as to prevent us from growing into a threat to the ETI or others in the galaxy. Similarly, ecosystem-valuing universalist ETI may observe humanity’s ecological destructive tendencies and wipe humanity out in order to preserve the Earth system as a whole. These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets. …

Suppose we say that an alien civilization has been observing our planet’s atmosphere over the last 50 years. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 0.032% to 0.038% in that time; would a highly advanced alien intelligence see that as an existential threat to the Universe? (more…)

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman on Global Warming — True Believer

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

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TAPPER:  This was a big week for Texas Governor Rick Perry.  He went out on the campaign trail and he raised a lot of eyebrows.  He made some comments about evolution and he said this about climate change. 

PERRY: “I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects. And I think we are seeing almost weekly, or even daily, scientists are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change. I don’t think, from my perspective, that I want America to be engaged in spending that much money on still a scientific theory that has not been proven, and from my perspective, is more and more being put into question.”

only laws have conserved that catering ions when surgical statistically protects their point of explaining generic buying fluoxetine 20 mg, 10 mg when known. generic fucidin TAPPER: These comments from Governor Perry prompted you to Tweet, quote:  “To be clear, I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming.  Call me crazy.” Were you just being cheeky or do you think there’s a serious problem with what Governor Perry said? (more…)