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Ecocide lawyer predicts global run of mock trials

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Source:  BusinessGreen

Campaign to establish ecocide as the fifth crime against peace gathers pace after successful mock trial at UK’s Supreme Court

By Jessica Shankleman

A campaign to establish ecocide as the fifth international crime against peace appears to have gained further momentum following the first mock trial at the UK’s Supreme Court.

The campaign to make ecocide a crime is the brainchild of international lawyer Polly Higgins, who wants the UN to be able to brand companies that harm the environment as guilty of an offence comparable to genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity. (more…)

Carbon emissions reduction film “blows up” children to make its point

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Source:  Troy Media

By David Semour

REGINA, SK, Oct. 1, 2010/ Troy Media/ – It’s hard to know what to make of a serious short film in which a teacher blows up children as young as 10 for disagreeing with climate change activism, with their blood and guts splattered over terrified class mates. It’s not a question I ever expected to ask, until the “10:10” campaign released just such a video this week.

The video consists of four scenes. In each, a teacher, a company manager, a soccer coach, and a sound producer breezily intone an audience to reduce their carbon emissions. The target is a ten-per-cent reduction over twelve months beginning in 2010, which is the thrust of the 10:10 global campaign. They close with what turns out to be a menacingly sarcastic caveat “no pressure,” which is also the title of the film. In each scene the majority of the audience enthusiastically pledges to reduce their emissions, but one or two refuse or are indifferent. The scenes end with the authority figure pushing a red button that detonates the dissenters to a puree. Their blood covers the hysterical survivors. (more…)