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A Brief History of Northwest Australian Tropical Cyclones

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Source:  CO2 Science

Goebbert, K.H. and Leslie, L.M. 2010. Interannual variability of Northwest Australian tropical cyclones. Journal of Climate 23: 4538-4555.

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Climate alarmists typically claim that tropical cyclones — or TCs — tend to become both more frequent and more intense as planetary temperatures rise; and as a result, scientists continually strive to develop ever better temporal histories of these particular TC characteristics for various ocean basins around the world.

What was done
Goebbert and Leslie recently examined interannual TC variability of the northwest Australian (NWAUS) sub-basin of the southeastern Indian Ocean (0-35°S, 105°-135°E) over the 39-year time period of 1970-2008, using the Woodside Petroleum Ltd. reanalysis TC dataset described by Harper et al. (2008), in order to focus on these two important TC characteristics (frequency and intensity), as well as eleven other TC metrics. (more…)