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Things More Worrisome that AGW: Gas shortages

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Source:  SFTF plan

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gas panic in UK

What was a fairly minor fuel shortage sparked when gas tanker drivers in the UK threatened to go on strike has developed into what UK officials are now calling all out chaos, as drivers across the country scramble to fill their tanks amid uncertainty about when transportation services will be up and running at full capacity again.

In what may be a glimpse into the future of other industrialized Western nations that are experiencing rising gas prices and labor problems, residents of the UK were queued in hours-long lines reminiscent of the 1970?s oil crisis in the United States. The lines of drivers waiting to get their daily allotment  of gas are so long that they have led police to shut down gas stations in an effort to ease traffic and avoid delays.

For their part, government officials have asked drivers to remain calm, but may have inadvertently worsened the situation when Energy Secretary Ed Davey suggested that drivers concerned with running out of gas should be “topping up when their tanks go below, say, half-full… they should actually go the full hog and fill up when they can.” (more…)