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For EPA’s Global Warming Rules, Will ‘Next Year’ Mean ‘Never’?

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Source: National Journal

Awaiting the EPA hordes

Awaiting the EPA hordes

10 nov 2013 … perforated models specifically explosion models name buy cialis online in 1984, EPA is running out of time to craft carbon-emissions standards for industrial polluters beyond power plants.

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March 11, 2014

EPA’s new budget plan says the agency hopes to make critical—and controversial—decisions about its effort to regulate greenhouse gases by the end of fiscal 2015.

Specifically, the budget says the agency hopes to determine whether it should craft carbon-emissions standards for several big industrial pollution sources—notably refineries, but also pulp and paper facilities, iron and steel production, and few other categories.

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But if the pledges about expanding climate rules sounds familiar to EPA-watchers, they should: The fiscal 2014 plan said the same thing about a decision on the rules, and the fact that the agency has now moved these decisions to its 2015 budget suggests that determinations in 2014 are probably not in the cards. (more…)

Harsh Winter Reveals Necessity Of Coal

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Source: Forbescoal-wanted-gg_s160x222

For the past three months, millions of Americans on the East Coast have endured constant freezing temperatures, regular deluges of snow, and expensive heating and electric bills. Pulling out all the stops to keep the East Coast’s lights on, utilities and grid operators employed every source of power they could to stave off dangerous brown outs.

Unfortunately, many of the coal-fired power plants that kept the East Coast running are being forced to shutter their doors due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. In early January, around 75 percent of Southern Company’s coal power plants scheduled to retire were called upon to generate electricity. The Tennessee Valley Authority set new records for electricity demand at the same time that nearly 20 of its coal-fired generating facilities are scheduled for retirement. (more…)

House GOP blocks heart of Obama’s climate platform

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Source: Arizona Daily Star doxycycline acne doxycycline hyclate for acne does it work cheap doxycycline

EPA Borg

EPA Borg

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WASHINGTON — Aiming at the heart of President Obama’s strategy for fighting climate change, the Republican-controlled House voted Thursday to block the administration’s plan to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.
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The bill targets Obama’s proposal for the Environmental Protection Agency to set the first national limits on heat-trapping carbon pollution from future power plants. It’s part of the GOP’s election-year strategy to fight back against what Republicans call a “war on coal” by the Obama administration. (more…)

Federal Mandarinate Decrees End to Coal

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

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When private enterprise built the first railroad in China in the 19th century, the Chinese mandarinate sent out work crews to tear up the tracks.

So things went in the Middle Kingdom for approximately 1500 years. Emperors and dynasties came and went but the day-to-day affairs were administered by a self-perpetuating class of intellectuals intent on stopping anything that might resemble economic progress.

It might be worth studying a little Chinese history these days because American affairs are now being run by a Washington mandarinate that dances to its own tune and has very fixed ideas of what the world should be like — namely that industrial activity is something toward which we should be very suspicious if not downright hostile. (more…)

EPA’s Tier 3 tyranny

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Source: SPPIepa-evil

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by Paul Driessen

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has already promulgated a tsunami of 1,920 regulations, many of which will bring few health or environmental benefits, but will impose high economic and unemployment costs, often to advance the Administration’s decidedly anti-hydrocarbon agenda. The Heritage Foundation has calculated that his EPA’s twenty “major” rulemaking decisions (costing $100 million or more annually) alone could cost the United States over $36 billion per year.

The latest example involves a third layer (or tier) of rules that the agency says will clean the nation’s air and save lives, by forcing refineries to remove more sulfur and other impurities from gasoline. EPA and refiners call the proposal Tier 3 rulemaking. Tier 3 tyranny is more accurate – as the rules would cost billions of dollars but bring infinitesimal benefits, and will likely be imposed regardless. (more…)

November surprise: EPA planning major post-election anti-coal regulation

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Source: The Examiner

EPA Planning Execution of Coal Utility Industry

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA.

More than 50 EPA staff are now crashing to finish greenhouse gas emission standards that would essentially ban all construction of new coal-fired power plants. Never before have so many EPA resources been devoted to a single regulation. The independent and non-partisan Manhattan Institute estimates that the EPA’s greenhouse gas coal regulation will cost the U.S. economy $700 billion. (more…)

Is the EPA superagency bigger than the President and Congress?

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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So much for the separation of powers.

Thanks to federal court rulings, even if Mitt Romney prevails in Nov., he will be hard-pressed to unilaterally rein in regulatory overreach by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The problems at the agency are fixable, but they will require decisive action by Congress and the president — and even then courts may remain a likely avenue for radical environmentalists to enact sweeping restrictions on the energy industry, the wider economy, and everyone’s standards of living.

Under the Obama Administration, the agency has taken the habit of entering into “sue-and-settle” arrangements with radical fringe groups. This is where an organization sues the EPA demanding that they enforce the law in a new, expanded way.

The EPA then enters into a consent decree with the party, which is signed by a judge without review, since the two disputing parties are in “agreement.” Suddenly, the EPA’s power under, say, the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act has been expanded dramatically. (more…)

Coal company facing aggressive regulations announces 1,200 layoffs

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

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Coal company Alpha Natural Resources announced Tuesday it would be laying off 1,200 workers and closing eight coal mines to face two new challenges: cheap natural gas and “a regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.”

The Associated Press buy generic dapoxetine online uk discount prices. men’s health. canadian pharmacy, anti-allergic, healthy bones, anti-diabetic. reports that the company is cutting production by 16 million tons and 1,200 jobs nationwide, with 400 layoffs occurring immediately by closing coal mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Four mines will be closed in West Virginia, another three will be closed in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania. All the mines are non-union operations, according to the AP. (more…)

Inhofe: Senate Will Vote in Next Two Weeks on Effort to Stop Obama War on Coal

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Source:  Sen. Inhofe


Matt Dempsey (202) 224-9797

Katie Brown (202) 224-2160

Highlights New Video of Top EPA Official Admitting “Pain” of EPA Regs on Coal Communities


Link to Press Release

Washington, D.C. – This evening, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, gave a speech on the Senate floor highlighting a new video of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1 Administrator Curt Spalding admitting that due to EPA’s barrage of rules, “if you want to build a coal plant you got a big problem.” Administrator Spalding goes on to explain that the decision to kill coal was painful zyban comanda online zyban online “because you got to remember that if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that. But [Administrator Jackson] had to do what the law and policy suggested. And it’s painful. It’s painful every step of the way.”

This new video is the second in a series revealing the truth about the Obama-EPA’s extreme agenda to kill fossil fuels. It follows a video Senator Inhofe highlighted in April, which showed former EPA Region 6 Administrator admitting that EPA’s “general philosophy” is to “crucify” and “make examples” of oil and gas companies.   (more…)

Opinion: The EPA Wrecking Ball

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

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By Alan Caruba

The Environmental Protection Agency is using its power to advance the objective of the environmental movement to deny Americans access to the energy that sustains the nation’s economy and is using the greatest hoax ever perpetrated, global warming—now called “climate change”—to achieve that goal.

“This standard isn’t the once-and-for-all solution to our environmental challenge,” said Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator, “but it is an important commonsense step toward tackling the ongoing and very real threat of climate change and protecting the future for generations to come. It will enhance the lives of our children and our children’s children.”

This is a boldfaced lie. Its newest rule is based on the debasement of science that is characterized and embodied in the global warming hoax. It will deprive America of the energy it requires to function.

Since the 1980s the Greens have been telling everyone that carbon dioxide was causing global warming—now called climate change—and warning that CO2 emissions were going to kill everyone in the world if they weren’t dramatically reduced. The ball was put in motion with the United Nations 1997 Kyoto Protocols when many nations agreed to this absurd idea and carried forward by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ever since.

The Environmental Protection Agency was created to clean the nation’s air and water where it was deemed that a hazard existed. Like most noble ideas and most Congressional mandates, the initial language was vague enough to be interpreted to mean anything those in charge wanted it to mean. Add in the global warming hoax and you have the means to destroy the nation. (more…)

EPA to impose carbon limits on power plants

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Source:  Wash Post

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By Juliet Eilperin, Monday, March 26,11:33 PM

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The Environmental Protection Agency will issue the first limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants as early as Tuesday, according to several people briefed on the proposal. The move could end the construction of conventional coal-fired facilities in the United States.

The proposed rule — years in the making and approved by the White House after months of review — will require any new power plant to emit no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced. The average U.S. natural gas plant, which emits 800 to 850 pounds of CO2 per megawatt, meets that standard; coal plants emit an average of 1,768 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt. (more…)