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It is Easier to be Critical than Correct

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Source: Canadian Free Press

By Joseph A Olson

Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian Newspaper

In the case of Climatology, you must be critical in order to be correct.  With the notable exception of the Dr Josef Mengele School of Medicine, there has been no greater failure of science in all of history than the global warming fraud.  And Mengele may be given more credit than online canadian pharmacy store! buy zoloft 50mg . top offering, generic zoloft india. he deserves.

Even the worst of us can serve as bad examples.  Parents might want to use Arnold as proof that a decade of pumping both iron and steroids will atrophy your brain.  And a note to the political puppetmasters, it is bad typecasting to place an action figure in a non-fiction environment. (more…)