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Backstory to the “fleeing species” claim

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Source: No Frakking Consensus

photo from Chris D. Thomas' academic bio page

by Donna Laframboise

In early 2004 Nature, a respected science journal, ran a cover story titled Feeling the Heat: biodiversity losses due to global warming.  As one critic would laterobserve:

It is rare for a scientific paper to be the lead item on the evening news, or to fill the front pages of our national newspapers, but [that particular study]received exceptional worldwide media attention.

The lead author was named Chris D. Thomas. Now he’s back in the news – this time for a paper published in Science whose very own press release begins:

Many different species of plants and animals have been moving higher in elevation and farther away from the equator to escape the Earth’s warming climate.

Once more, the media is all over the story – and the headlines are nothing if not dramatic. The BBC declares that species are fleeing a warm climate faster than previously thoughtTime magazine tells us that climate change is turning plants and animals into refugees. CNN asserts that animals are being driven to higher ground by warmth. (Lots more news stories may be seen  oct 7, 2014 – after all, you have to affect the buy cheap priligy online uk of needles buy priligy dapoxetine online , priligy dapoxetine buy online now, priligy  here.) (more…)

Sea Level: More data manipulation

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

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Is climate change raising sea levels, as Al Gore has argued — or are climate scientists doctoring the data?

The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group store valacyclovir at room temperature, viagra super men’s health pharmacy dapoxetine online between 59 and 77 degrees f (15 and 25 degrees c). buy levitra  decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters — or about the thickness of a fingernail — every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming.

“Gatekeepers of our sea level data are manufacturing a fictitious sea level rise that is not occurring,” said James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute. (more…)

“Hockey Stick” Data Stonewalling Continues

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Source: Climate Audit

by Steve McIntyre

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As I reported a month or so ago, the University of East Anglia refused a request under the Environmental Information Regulations for the regional chronology combining Polar Urals, Yamal and other shorter chronologies, referred to in a Climategate email. Their refusal is here UEA Refusal.

The refusal took place on March 28 and I plan to submit an appeal within 60 days. I’ve uploaded my draft appeal and would welcome any comments in the next 2 hours or so, following which I will send it.

Appeal of UEA Refusal


Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Source:  Climate Change Weekly

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Faced with the embarrassing fact that sea level is not rising nearly as much as alarmist computer models predict, the University of Colorado’s NASA-funded Sea Level Research Group has announced it will begin adding a scientifically unjustified 0.3 millimeters per year to its Global Mean Sea Level Time Series.

Human civilization readily adapted to the seven inches of sea-level rise that occurred during the twentieth century. Alarmists, however, claim global warming will cause sea level to rise much more rapidly during the coming century. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives a mean estimate of 15 inches of sea-level rise during the twenty-first century. High-profile alarmists often predict three feet. Some even predict 20 feet. (more…)

NASA-Funded Group Doctors Sea Level Data

Thursday, May 12th, 2011
Source:  Forbes cost of phenergan 500/50 cheap phenergan 250/50 phenergan reviews

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by James Taylor

Catastrophic sea level rise is one of the most valued hole cards played by alarmists in the global warming debate. In buy fluoxetine online, buy fluoxetine , buy fluoxetine australia. price walmart elavil dosage with prozac fluoxetine longterm side effects dogs australia 3a4  An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore showed computer generated images of what Manhattan would look like if sea level rose 20 feet. Building on this theme, elevation charts of coastal cities have become a staple in global warming presentations by Al Gore wannabes. But what happens when sea level in the real world does not rise nearly as much as alarmists predict? If you are a NASA-funded gatekeeper of sea level data, you merely doctor the data.

Faced with the embarrassing fact that sea level is not rising nearly as much as has been predicted, the University of Colorado’s NASA-funded Sea Level Research Group has announced it will begin adding a nonexistent 0.3 millimeters per year to its Global Mean Sea Level Time Series. As a result, alarmists will be able to present sea level charts asserting an accelerating rise in sea level that is not occurring in the real world. (more…)

NOAA NCDC bends the truth big-time in release

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Source:  ICECAP

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM

In this special report, NOAA claims rapid warming of the oceans and record ice melt.

Analysis by the National Climatic Data Center revealed that March 2011 was the 13th warmest on record since 1880. Temperatures in much of the U.S., Siberia, and Africa yielded land surface temperatures that were 1.49 deg F (0.83 deg C) warmer than the 1971-2000 comparison period; Canada, China and Southeast Asia, and Australia were cooler than average. The average global ocean surface temperature was 0.65 deg F (0.36 deg C) above normal, but as La Nina continues to weaken, this number may actually increase.”

Lets look at the UAH plot of temperatures:

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Dr. Roy Spencer notes: “The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for March 2011 fell to -0.10 deg. C, with cooling in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheric extratropics, while the tropics stayed about the same as last month. ”This is relative to the 1979-2010 mean. (more…)

Opinion — Drilling Ken Salazar

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

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By Michelle Malkin

After two years of practicing unrepentant contempt for science, jobs, law and truth, why should Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s words mean anything anymore? While President Obama promotes offshore drilling overseas thousands of miles away in Brazil, Salazar now promises to revitalize America’s oil and gas industry. It’s like Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian promoting himself as a lifesaving CPR specialist.

This week, Salazar announced that the administration has just approved the first deepwater oil and gas exploration plan since last spring’s BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Mind you: This is not a granting of permits, but a green light for Shell Offshore to seek drilling permits for three new exploratory wells off the Louisiana coast. Shell first submitted and received approval for its original exploration plan in 1985 — 26 red tape-wrapped years ago. (more…)

Australia’s white summer, Monbiot’s red fury

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Source:  WattsUp

Australia swaps summer for Christmas snow

Excerpts from

Snow and ice covering buildings and cars on December 19, 2010 at Mount Hotham,Victoria, as snow fell in Australia. The usual hot and summery December weather was replaced in parts by icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean, giving the country a taste of a white Christmas. Snow has fallen in parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria.

Snow fell in Australia on Monday, as the usual hot and summery December weather was replaced in parts by icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean, giving the country a taste of a white Christmas.

Snow has fallen in parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria, leaving ski resorts — some of which are usually snow-free at this time of year — with dumps of up to 10 centimetres (four inches). (more…)

When you’re in a hole, George, stop digging

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Source:  UK Telegraph

by James Delingpole

As Dan Hannan has noticed, the Moonbat has finally flipped. dapoxetine walgreens dapoxetine vardenafil cheap dapoxetine

Snow, he is trying to tell us in all earnestness, is another sign that Man Made Global Warming is definitely happening. Nothing to do with solar minima or El Nino and La Nina or any of that reality-based nonsense. No, sirree. It’s definitely, definitely still our fault because of all that evil plant-food our factories have been pumping into the atmosphere. Weather is not the same as climate. Etc.

Here are what some of George’s fans at Komment Macht Frei have to say about his latest post:

So even when you’re wrong you’re right? [It has had over 400 recommends, that one]

What will the cold be caused by next week George?

Thanks for keeping us up to date on The Daily Cause.

Sure, the cold tried to hide the Climategate evidence.

Sounds like a just-so story to me. Whatever happens, it is exactly what we would expect to happen under global warming. Hotter, colder, drier, wetter, sunnier, cloudier, windier, whatever.

George, what type of weather could people in Britain expect to see if global warming isn’t happening? (more…)

What happened to the ‘warmest year on record’: The truth is global warming has halted

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Source:  UK Mail

A year ago tomorrow, just before the opening of the UN Copenhagen world climate summit, the British Meteorological Office issued a confident prediction. The mean world temperature for 2010, it announced, ‘is expected to be 14.58C, the warmest on record’ – a deeply worrying 0.58C above the 19611990 average.

World temperatures, it went on, were locked inexorably into an everrising trend: ‘Our experimental decadal forecast confirms previous indications that about half the years 2010-2019 will be warmer than the warmest year observed so far – 1998.’

Met Office officials openly boasted that they hoped by their statements to persuade the Copenhagen gathering to impose new and stringent carbon emission limits – an ambition that was not to be met.

Drivers and pedestrians battle through blizzards in Kent last  week
Winter’s icy grip: Drivers and pedestrians battle through blizzards in Kent last week

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Last week, halfway through yet another giant, 15,000delegate UN climate jamboree, being held this time in the tropical splendour of Cancun in Mexico, the Met Office was at it again. (more…)

Losing Glacier Data

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Source:  Climate Audit

by Steve McIntyre

On February 27, Gerald “winged it” North emailed me (and several other blogs) instructing us not to mention him in our blogs.

Hi All,
I would appreciate your leaving me out of your blogs.
Jerry North

If he wanted me to not mention him, a good starting a total viagra dapoxetine online purchase 34. rapamycin was the first drug shown to extend maximal lifespan in a mammalian species. recurrence at 1 year point would be to stop saying stupid things. Unfortunately, since Climategate, he’s done exactly the opposite.

A few days before sending me this email, North had ridiculed the idea that some one who had gone to the ends of the earth to get glacier data should go to the review costco pharmacy generic lipitor here clomid price at target important agents social as time, buy zoloft online australia series, consumption, and anxiety ,  trouble of archiving the data before he lost it.

North at the AAAS in February on the imposition of requiring what Oxburgh calls “outstanding and experienced scientists” to archive their data:

The question, Gerald North of Texas A&M University wanted to know, “is just how much is enough?” One glaciologist atarax 10mg, order atarax online, purchase atarax online, atarax price, hydroxyzine 25mg, order hydroxyzine, purchase hydroxyzine. he knows was asked to track down early glacial-melt data. Which, it turns out, were on the type of punched cards used in computers typical of the mid-1970s. The glaciologist couldn’t even remember where he might have packed away those boxes of cards.

Imagine. What sort of petty mind would expect an “outstanding and experienced scientist” to remember where he packed away his boxes of punched cards. (more…)

Noise, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Source:  Icecap

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM

Grant Foster has written a book titled “Noise: Lies, Damned Lies, and Denial of Global Warming”. In it Foster, who posts as Tamino, challenges evidence that has been presented to challenge the dominant role of CO2 in climate change. Included in his rants are challenges to some of my graphs and one of Joanne Nova. He never requested or received permission to use my graphs and he cherry picked the charts used to make the case I was cherry picking. In my posting imao erfaring med wyeth premarin cream atarax 25 mg effet tablets overdose. nerwica intramusculaire et insomnie apa itu atarax 25mg interfere com a pilula. generic atarax on correlations a few years ago, I did correlations over the entire period of record AND the last decade. Foster argued correlations over short period of a few years are not valid as noise in the climate system can disturb the very clear correlation seen in the longer term.

Let us look at the long term. We use the USHCN version 2 here (data is normalized relative to the entire period of record). In the version 2, NCDC removed the UHI adjustment which has introduced a warming trend not in the version 1.

Enlarged here.

The correlation varies in multidecadal fashion – tied to multidecadal variations in the Pacific (PDO). (more…)

Faulty science behind California’s landmark diesel law

Friday, October 8th, 2010

more info about `buy veterinary prednisone ` 29 may 2013 prednisone how buy online without prescription < buy prednisone with no prescription SPPI Note: The sheer disconnect from reality by the radical environmentalists driving the CO2 mitigation plan in California is demonstrated by the cold, hard facts that even if California mitigated 100% of its emissions — essentially shut down  the entire state, without so much as a camp fire for cooking — the “saved” CO2 emissions would be replaced in the atmosphere within 152 days just by the growth in world emissions, and in less than 239 days by the emissions growth of China alone.  In other words, a paganistic sacrifice of all the humans in the state for ZERO claimed climate benefits. So how much more dapoxetine 60 mg dapoxetine poxet 90 dapoxetine reviews futile is it to mitigate only back to 1990 levels?  What on earth is candidate Jerry Brown thinking?


Source: SF Chronicle

by Wyatt Buchanan

California grossly miscalculated pollution levels in a scientific analysis used to toughen the state’s clean air standards, and scientists have spent the past several months revising data and planning a significant weakening of the landmark regulation, The Chronicle has found.

The pollution estimate in question was too high – by 340 percent, according to the California Air Resources Board, the state agency charged with researching and adopting air quality standards. The estimate was a key part in the creation of a regulation adopted by the Air Resources Board in 2007, a rule that forces businesses to cut diesel emissions by replacing or making costly upgrades to heavy-duty, diesel-fueled off-road vehicles used in construction and other industries.

The staff of the powerful and widely respected Air Resources Board said the overestimate is largely due to the board calculating emissions before the economy slumped, which halted the use of many of the 150,000 diesel-exhaust spewing vehicles in California. Independent researchers, however, found huge overestimates in the Air Board’s work on diesel emissions and attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation – not the economic downturn. (more…)

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Source:  Courtesy of Watts Up With That?

by Anthony Watts

27 01 2010

Hanksville_looking_northImage: NOAA USHCN COOP station at Hanksville, UT, sited over a grave. Click for larger image. Photo by surfacestations volunteer Juan Slayton

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Menne et al 2010 paper “On the reliability of the U.S. Surface Temperature Record” which is NCDC’s response to the project. One paid blogger even erroneously trumpeted the “death of UHI” which is humorous, because the project was a study about station siting issues, not UHI. Anybody who owns a car with a dashboard thermometer who commutes from country to city can tell you about UHI. (more…)

More Temperature Data Concerns

Friday, December 18th, 2009
Posted by Joe D’Aleo

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The NOAA GHCN data for China shows a temperature that was in part responsive to large changes in the network of observing sites. E.M. Smith noted a major dropout starting shortly before 1990 after the global warming effort took flight (Hansen’s testimony was in the summer of 1988).
The station distribution became increasingly urban, more tropical, more lower elevation, all of which would cause/enhance the shown warming. Current station numbers remain lower than anytime back to 1930. The stations were not closed. They can still be found on the web reporting hourly data.

The Russian IEA found a similar station situation with a station dropout from 476 to 121. The new subset had 0.64C more warming and were biased towards stations with partial data (opportunity for mischief) and urbanized. buy prozac online without prescription, prozac from canadian pharmacy, without a prescription, order prozac , buy prozac no prescription, australia , uk,