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Losing Glacier Data

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Source:  Climate Audit

by Steve McIntyre

On February 27, Gerald “winged it” North emailed me (and several other blogs) instructing us not to mention him in our blogs.

Hi All,
I would appreciate your leaving me out of your blogs.
Jerry North

If he wanted me to not mention him, a good starting point would be to stop saying stupid things. Unfortunately, since Climategate, he’s done exactly the opposite.

A few days before sending me this email, North had ridiculed the idea that some one who had gone to the ends of the earth to get glacier data should go to the trouble of archiving the data before he lost it.

North at the AAAS in February on the imposition of requiring what Oxburgh calls “outstanding and experienced scientists” to archive their data:

The question, Gerald North of Texas A&M University wanted to know, “is just how much is enough?” One glaciologist he knows was asked to track down early glacial-melt data. Which, it turns out, were on the type of punched cards used in computers typical of the mid-1970s. The glaciologist couldn’t even remember where he might have packed away those boxes of cards.

Imagine. What sort of petty mind would expect an “outstanding and experienced scientist” to remember where he packed away his boxes of punched cards. (more…)