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The Hitlerettes of “SustainUS”

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

By Christopher Monckton in Copenhagen

Here in Copenhagen, the “global warming” conference is hotting up despite the freezing weather. A couple of nights ago, a peaceful meeting of Americans for Prosperity was broken up by several dozen chanting preppie goons from SustainUS, a Hitlerian environmental pressure-group largely funded by US taxpayers. The thugs and thugettes were determined to exercise their right of free speech at the expense of ours. 

These animals’ loutish assault on our meeting, and my conversation about it the next day, have gone viral on the internet as people realize – many for the first time – that, in today’s environmental movement, the intolerance, arrogance, and viciousness of Nazism is back – and this time it is worldwide.

A student at a British university did not like it when the members of our audience – reported by me on German television and subsequently worldwide – gave their opinions that the SustainUS thugs were no better than the Hitler Youth. Here, in full, is his complaint, and my reply.

Dear Lord Monckton, – I write, perhaps as one of many, with the deepest regret for your actions in Copenhagen this week. By resorting to ad hominem attacks on members of SustainUS you have sabotaged your own cause by reducing your credibility. I feel aggrieved that a person who takes such actions as you may still claim the title ‘Lord’.

Previous to your comments I disagreed with you on the issue of climate change but nonetheless followed your views and read your articles as a student of the topic. Now I feel you have crossed the line and shown that your arguments cannot stand alone without resorting to insults and patronising comments to those who wish to civilly discuss with you.

I am a member of the youth of this nation, and perhaps by my actions and opinions you might also call me a member of the ‘Hitler youth’. But make no mistake, the youth are the future and by your actions you have alienated them and inspired many more to oppose you.

Initially the opposition to you was about science. Now the opposition is to you as a person for your hateful remarks. Yours in disappointment, – A student.

Dear Student, – Thank you for taking the trouble to let me know what you think. Perhaps a little background would be helpful. Some 50 robotically-chanting thugs invaded a meeting that some colleagues and I were holding, jostled and intimidated us, and did their best to interfere with our right of free speech for as long as they could get away with it. They showed not the slightest intention of engaging in civil discussion with us.

Three German and one Danish members of our audience were distraught. They said no attempt like this to prevent free speech had ever been seen in Copenhagen since the Nazis had occupied the city during the Second World War. The Hitlerettes had lied in order to get into the meeting, and had clearly been lavishly funded (by taxpayers, mostly, according to our enquiries for the police report) and had also been very carefully briefed. Peaceful protesters would have demonstrated outside, rather than violently breaking up our meeting in the manner all too familiar to those who know the mid-20th-century history of Europe.

I broadcast their remarks on German television and, the next morning, when I was visiting the stands operated by various (again almost exclusively taxpayer-funded) environmental organizations, several of them surrounded me and began saying how displeased they were that I had compared them to the Hitlerjugend. I explained my reasoning, and refused otherwise to have anything to do with any of them.

With my colleagues, I am considering at present whether we should report these gruesome louts to the police, who have been given very wide powers to prevent precisely this sort of violent intrusion into what had been, until they lied and cheated their way in, a peaceful meeting.

On YouTube, where the video these goons shot of my refusal to knuckle under to their intimidating terror tactics is displayed, to their horror the comments on the video are running at well over ten to one in my favour. And, though my comments have been publicly available for two days, you are the first and only person who has written to me as you have. Free speech is a precious commodity, and, whether you like it or not, I intend to speak out for it as clearly as possible while I still can.

For years, we who have been quietly conducting careful scientific research and publishing our counter-consensual results both in and out of the peer-reviewed journals have been subjected to daily accusations in the news media that we are climate “deniers” or “denialists”, with calculated and malevolent overtones of Holocaust denial. In short, we are regularly, and with no justification, subjected to exactly the opprobrium which, with full justification, I heaped upon the Hitlerettes of SustainUS, whose faces, bullying tactics, and incapacity to argue sensibly for their opinions are now rightly notorious round the world.

Therefore, I shall ask you two questions. 

First, have you ever, at any time, written to any of those who have described scientific sceptics in these malicious terms to remonstrate with them as you have with me, or are you, perhaps, being selective in targeting me, either through prejudice or because you have simply become so inured to the foul insults that are so routinely hurled at those of us who are, in the words of Al-Haytham, the father of the scientific method, merely “seekers after truth”?

Know this. James Hansen, a paid public official of NASA, has publicly and repeatedly demanded that those of us who dare to question what is now known to be the serially unsound and dishonest pseudo-science of the UN’s climate panel and of the various national scientific institutions that contribute to it, should be put on trial for what he has called “high crimes against humanity”. He knows, and the Administrator of NASA knows, that the penalty for crimes against humanity is death. Hansen is asking for those of us who disagree with him to be tried by the Staatssicherheitsdienst and then killed, and the Administrator of NASA continues to allow him to get away with it.

So my second question is this. Have you ever, at any time, contacted Mr. Hansen or NASA to protest at his – and by implication their – demand that those who have genuine and well-founded doubts as to the magnitude of CO2’s warming effect should be tried and by implication executed, and, if not, why not?

Hitler Youth in Denmark – again

Friday, December 11th, 2009

By Christopher Monckton in Copenhagen

A thoughtful, quietly-spoken German was almost in tears.

“I never thought I would see this in my lifetime,” he said, sadness and anger competing on his face. “The last time young people politicized and indoctrinated by the State broke up a meeting of their opponents here in Copenhagen by chanting mindless, repetitive slogans was during the Nazi occupation of Denmark during the Second World War.”

Americans for Prosperity had booked a meeting-room in a canal-side hotel, with a live satellite link-up to well-attended chapter meetings all over the United States. As their President was speaking, the Hitler-Jugend, part of a very large, lavishly-funded delegation of jack-trainered, eco-Fascist goons probably paid for by taxpayers somewhere, leapt up to the podium and began a zombie-like, keening chant. (more…)

The other Copenhagen conference

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

In an elegant, 18th-century chamber at the Architectural Institute of Copenhagen, the other Copenhagen climate conference took place. Organized, improbably but successfully, by a British cleric and a Danish journalist under the auspices of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (, the conference was at one point attracting almost as much media attention as the pantomime attended by the national delegations.

At our conference, among the classical landscape panels beneath the finely-wrought plasterwork ceiling, some of the world’s foremost scientists in climatology and related fields discussed something that is not on the agenda at the panto: the science and economics of “global warming”.

True theology, true journalism, true science, and mathematical logic share an important concept largely unknown to scientists and entirely unknown to the environmental extremists shrieking and hooting in every corner of the vast ugliness that is the Bella Center. That concept is objective or absolute truth – truth that is true in itself, whether or not you or I or anyone believe it to be true or wish it to be true. (more…)

Skip Copenhagen

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

By Deroy Murdock

President Obama flies to Copenhagen later this month for a fresh round of taxes and spending. To slay an imaginary beast called “global warming,” Obama and other leaders will discuss a treaty that forces industrialized nations to shake themselves down and enrich the developing world. Even worse, Copenhagen occurs as climatic computer models misfire and climatologists substitute science with deception.

The draft Copenhagen Framework Convention on Climate Change establishes an international oversight body simply called “the government.” As the Convention draft states: “The government will be ruled by the COP [Conference of the Parties],” which will execute “public policies . . . to which the market rules and related dynamics should be subordinate.”

Like most big-government schemes, the Copenhagen Convention unleashes new agencies, panels, and other bureaucracies bearing such acronyms as EBFTA, TPRDA, TPRDM, and UNFCCC. The treaty even invokes “the NAMAs and the NAPAs” — sadly, not a reference to a nearly homonymous ’60s pop group. The Executive Body on Finance and Technology for Mitigation (EBFTM) pursues this riveting mission: “To organize, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of the comprehensive framework for mitigation, including the enabling means of financing, technology, and capacity-building.” (more…)

Main Points of the Copenhagen Agreement so far

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Copenhagen, 9 December 2009

As I have previously noted, the negotiators at Copenhagen have decided to call the Copenhagen Treaty a “political agreement”, so as to make sure that the US Senate does not vote it down. Instead, a binding Treaty will be negotiated at some future date – probably this time next year in Mexico.

The parties have agreed to –

  • Commit themselves to take action to mitigate climate change (except for poor countries, who are partially or – if very poor – totally exempted);
  • Commit themselves to help poor countries to adapt to “global warming”;
  • Commit themselves massively to subsidize “climate efforts” in poor countries; and
  • Commit themselves to give away patent and intellectual-property rights in new technologies for mitigation of or adaptation to “global warming” to poor countries.

The current negotiating draft says, “Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time”. It isn’t, of course, and more and more of the delegates are privately admitting this. However, nothing is more likely to guarantee instant dismissal for bureaucrats these days than even to raise an eyebrow however preposterous the assertions of unscientific politicians  or politicized scientists that the world is doomed unless the West selectively shuts down its economies. (more…)

A Treaty by any Other Name

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Copenhagen, 9 December 2009

As 1200 limos whisked the national delegates back from the stark, ugly conference center to their favorite boudoirs in Copenhagen’s red-light district – from Dopenhagen to Gropenhagen, as it were – they no doubt congratulated themselves on a job well begun.

The one point of interest that has been decided so far – and you are hearing it here first because, though it has been widely trailed, the mainstream media’s correspondents will do their best not to bring you any real details of the global constitutional horror now unfolding – is that it’s gonna be Nopenhagen. There will be no legally-binding Treaty. Instead, there will be a “political agreement”, with the aim of sealing the deal later, Treatywise – probably in Mexico this time next year.

Not so fast. Under the Senate presidency of Al Gore, the US Upper House sensibly decided by 95-0 not to adopt any treaty which, like Kyoto, exempted developing countries from its obligations. To be fair to Gore, he had no vote because the Constitution only gives him one when the Senate is evenly split, and I cannot remember any occasion when the Senate was less evenly split than on its decision to say No to Kyoto. (more…)

‘Dirty Dozen Denialists’: We Rank #2 Worldwide

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Copenhagen, 9 December 2009

A prominent Marxist website that devotes itself to the usual frenzied propaganda about the need to Save The Planet from a harmless and trivial quantity of additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has just announced its awards for the world’s Dirtiest Dozen Denialists. Your unworthy correspondent is ranked no. 2 in the world, just after ExxonMobil.

The announcement of this “award” was accompanied by the usual reams of generally ad-hominem material. I replied –

“Your article about me, while it flatteringly ranks me second in the world for opposing the lies about the imagined – and imaginary – dangers of emitting CO2, does contain some inaccuracies.

Hopenhagen? Nope: Dopenhagen

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Copenhagen, 8 December 2009

Daubed all over the center of Copenhagen are slogans in brash, green letters that spell out “Hopenhagen”. This is the nearest that the massively taxpayer-funded Green propaganda machine ever gets to a Jokenhagan. Observers here, though, have dubbed the conference “Dopenhagen”.

The more pious among the true-believers in the New Superstition have been offended (they are very easily offended) by the news that the Danish Government had lais on 1200 gas-guzzling, hi-footprint limos to protect the world’s governing class from – well, from the cold here at the “global warming” conference.

The enviro-zombs (they like to truncate words to Save The Ink) are still more agitated at the news that “world leaders” – actually the regional followers of the New Superstition – arrived in some 140 private jets now clogging every taxiway and patch of limp grass at Ketchup Airport.

All six of my own private jets, I tell the zombs, are in the hangar being serviced because I’ve been competing with Al Gore to see who can achieve the greatest possible carbon footprint. And I’ve lent my motorcade of Rolls Royces to the Danes, whose little nation is running short of limos. The news of my generosity does not seem to please them. (more…)