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An inconvenient fallacy

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

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by Dr. Bob Carter

Well, you have to admit that they’ve tried hard. Labor, that is. In April 2007 Kevin Rudd, before his election as prime minister, appointed distinguished social scientist Ross Garnaut to advise the party on global warming. A strange decision, that: ”Here’s a scientific problem so let’s appoint an economist to give us policy advice.” (more…)

Praise for Bob Carter’s Climate: the Counter Consensus

Friday, August 20th, 2010

In this gem of a book … Carter drives an Aussie road train through the red dust of deliberate obfuscation and misrepresentation that is the hallmark of IPCC reports and other climatic claptrap. This is an enthralling book, a sunrise of calm analysis and penetrating good sense – John Dyson (Amazon UK review).

Surely … one of the most important rigorously scientific, responsible and level-headed reviews of literature relevant to the whole [AGW] debate yet published … a pivotally important book – prednisone back order prednisone 30 mg cost cheap Deltasone Christopher Cooper (Amazon UK review).

What an excellent book: clear and concise in every way. All of the various tricky subjects were covered and all reasonable questions asked and answered – John Wellock (Amazon UK review).

Just been reading … the new book by Bob Carter – and it’s a cracker. By the end, you’re left feeling … that the scientific case against AGW is so overwhelming that you wonder how anyone can still speak up for so discredited a theory without dying of embarrassment – James Delingpole (

A well-written account of much of the deep corruption of our scientific inheritance which has been central to spread of this [AGW] fantasy – Ray Evans (Secretary, Lavoisier Society; Quadrant review).

Professor Carter has worked, taught and studied in this field [palaeoclimatology] for 40 years. It is refreshing to read a book from someone who has worked at the coalface – Wilson Fletcher (Amazon UK review). buy levitra online uk. no prescription, approved pharmacy. we offers wide variety

Carter takes a scalpel to the so-called facts of ‘global warming’ that are churned out and unquestioningly accepted …. [his] book typifies the mission of the ‘Independent Minds” series, namely to replace political correctness and received wisdom with common sense and rational analysis – Philip Stott (The Clamour of the Times). (more…)

Laputans in Retreat

Friday, August 20th, 2010

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by Ray Evans

Climate: The Counter Consensus by Robert M. Carter
(Stacey International, 2010)

Bob Carter is a member of a small group of Australian scientists (although he was born in the UK and mostly educated in New Zealand) who, having attained a distinguished position in their disciplines (he is a paleo-climatologist), were willing to put their reputations on the line by speaking out against the most extraordinary fraud in the history of Western science: the fantasy that by controlling anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, mankind can control global temperatures; a miraculous global thermostat.

This fantasy is so bizarre that Jonathan Swift could, using statements from today’s Royal Society without embellishment, write them into his account of the kingdom of Laputa. The citizens of Laputa lived on a cloud and threw rocks at rebellious surface cities beneath them. Using Laputa as a satire on the Royal Society, Swift portrayed the ruin brought about by the attempts by the scientists living in the clouds to impose their will on the helpless people living below them.

Bob Carter’s book is a well written account of the deep corruption of our scientific inheritance which has been central to the spread of this fantasy. It is a fantasy which has spread throughout the intellectual, political and religious elites of the English-speaking world, and which has infected key Australian institutions, notably the CSIRO, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and virtually all our universities. (more…)

New Book Notice

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

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Climate: the Counter-Consensus

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The counter-consensus to quasi-scientific hype and induced panic on climate change is at last assembling. The argument is not in the first place as to whether or not climate change has been taking place, but whether any recent warming of the planet is appreciably due to human activity and how harmful it will prove. Tom Stacey, in his eloquent and provocative introduction, investigates our tendency to ascribe this and other perceived planetary crises to some inherent fault in ourselves, be it original sin or a basic moral failing. Climate: the Counter Consensus goes on to examine, with thoroughness and impartial expertise, the so-called facts of global warming that are churned out and unquestioningly accepted, while the scientific and media establishments stifle or deride any legitimate expression of an opposing view. In doing so, the book typifies the mission of Independent Minds to replace political correctness and received wisdom with common sense and rational analysis.

Follow this link to see a T.V. interview with Professor Carter, with the kind permission of the Rhema Broadcasting Group.

Professor Robert Carter – Professor Robert Carter is one of the world’s leading palaeoclimatologists, and his work investigates the past cycles of the earth’s unpredictable natural climate change, especially over the last few million years of planetary ice ages.