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What Do Voters Think of Climate Change?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

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Americas Majority Foundation has been doing surveys on voters’ attitude on climate change for the past four years. While voters will tell pollsters that climate change is a serious problem, they don’t rate “fighting” climate change as a major priority. In our polls, we added additional options on what causes climate change, and guess what, voters actually reject the climate alarmist worldview. They agree with climate realists on what causes climate change, and furthermore, view job creation as more important than fighting climate change. (more…)

80% of Utah residents don’t think humans are primary drivers of climate change

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Source:  American Thinker

By Sierra Rayne
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In a poll by, conducted from December 2-10, 2014, with a margin of error of ±4 percent, the following findings were obtained:

The correct way to interpret this poll is as follows: only 22 percent of respondents think the “human use of carbon fuels is primarily responsible” for climate change.  Thus, 78 percent of Utah residents do not believe that the human use of carbon fuels is primarily responsible for any changes to the climate.

The largest segment (35 percent) of the respondents indicated that the climate is warming and that humans are partly responsible, but “partly responsible” means any number greater than zero percent human blame up to any number less than or equal to 50 percent human responsibility.  Given the fear of being labeled a “climate denier,” most climate skeptic members of the public will, when asked, just give the politically correct equivalent to their true opinions.  Namely, sure, the climate is changing (it always has), and yes, humans are undoubtedly partly responsible for some unspecified (and potentially insignificantly small) portion of this nebulously defined change.

Once again, this is another poll indicating that the vast majority of the public is simply not buying into climate hysteria.

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The Climate Change Express: Ignoring Your Views at Every Meal

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Source: No Frakking Consensus Train-Dining-Car

Ordinary people don’t care about climate change. How many times do they have to say so?

Imagine you’re on a multi-day train ride. Perhaps you’re crossing Australia. Or Africa. Perhaps you’re retracing the historic Orient Express route, from Istanbul to Calais.

At every meal you’re handed a menu with three choices: chicken, beef, or vegetarian. And at every meal the waiters serve everyone on the train the vegetarian option.

It doesn’t matter how clearly, loudly, or politely you speak when placing your order. It doesn’t matter whether you tip the waiters generously or not at all – the result is always the same. (more…)

Gallup’s recent poll results on global warming

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Fewer Americans today believe there is a scientific consensus than did so during the 2000s… after peaking in 2010, public skepticism about global warming softened slightly in 2011, and remains at lower level this year…Today’s level of belief that global warming is similar to what Gallup found in 1997 & from 2001-2005′ — 42% say media exaggerate the seriousness, a higher amount than it was for much of the past decade. buy cheap buy viagra online – bonus 4-12 free viagra pills. only high quality drugs on our online drugstore. generic baclofen online without prescription side- effects very common: more than 1 in 10 people who take baclofen. baclofen generic brand.

see full article here:

Gallup Poll: ‘In U.S., Global Warming Views Steady Despite Warm Winter; Just over half say effects of global warming are now evident, similar to 49% last year’

Ultra-Left UK Guardian Freaks Out Over Gov. Perry’s Climate Stance

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Source:  UK Guardian

The world needs to prepare for a climate sceptic defeating Obama

Barack Obama is losing his grip on the White House – and climate sceptic Rick Perry is favourite to succeed him buy estrace online , buy gestodene ethinyl estradiol in india, cheapest place to buy estrace cream .

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A year or so ago, the very idea that the most powerful person on the planet could, within just a couple of years, be someone who refuses to accept the science that underpins our knowledge of anthropogenic climate change was almost laughable.

Sarah Palin – who is no stranger to climate scepticism – has long been on people’s lips as a future candidate for the US presidency. But most analysts thought that Barack Obama would likely see off any challenge from any Republican who flirted with the extremes of the Tea Party movement and its anti-science agenda. And that was before Obama received a political fillip after green-lighting the assassination of Osama bin Laden in May.

But everything has changed now. The US economy continues to wade through treacle and, as a result, there seems to be growing talk tablets buy baclofen tablets baclofen prices walgreens street price baclofen price baclofen 10 mg price where to buy baclofen online baclofen pump price that Obama is destined to be a one-term president. And currently leading the polls as his most likely Republican successor is Rick Perry, the governor of Texas.