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Obama Czar John Holdren wants to ‘educate’ GOP on global warming — But it is Holdren who ‘desperately needs remedial climate science education!’

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Source: Climate Depot

‘It would be hard to find anyone less fit to ‘educate’ people about climate science in Washington than John Holdren’

By Marc Morano

Climate Depot Editorial

Excerpt From The Hill – January 30, 2011

White House official cites ‘education problem’ on climate By Ben Geman

President Obama’s top science adviser said there’s a need to “educate” GOP climate change skeptics on Capitol Hill as the White House seeks to advance its green energy agenda. “It is an education problem. I think we have to educate them,” said John Holdren, who heads the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. […] Holdren, asked about advancing Obama’s agenda in the face of [Congressional] skepticism, said the scientific evidence of dangerous human-induced climate change is powerful. “The science of climate change is really very clear in its essentials,” Holdren said on Platts Energy Week. [End article excerpt]

Climate Depot Response: It is John Holdren who desperately needs remedial climate science education! Holdren has laid bare his scientific ignorance and alarmist ideology for all the world to see on multiple occasions over the past 40 years. (more…)

How it Works: Drive up Food Prices By Demanding Biofuel, Then Blame Global Warming.

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Source:  hauntingthelibrary

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Sometimes you don’t know who’s worse: the global warming alarmists, banging the pan with their latest prediction of impending doom, or the mainstream media who seem to not only let them, but positively help them.

For years, for years, the warmists banged on and on about the need to switch from taking oil out of the ground to renewable sources, such as ethanol, derived from corn. They got their way. The American Congress mandated that a certain amount of fuel must come from corn ethanol, come what may.

And what happened? What do you think would happen? The mandate meant that vast quantities of perfectly good corn was diverted from the world’s food supply and turned into ethanol for what even environmentalists now admit were “very marginal” gains: (more…)

Newspaper Says Too Many Poor People, Demands “Cut This Population In Half”

Friday, January 21st, 2011

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A local newspaper in Tennessee, the Jackson Sun, has printed a provocative news article arguing that crime is out of control because there are too many poor people, and proposing that their population needs to be controlled for the public good.

In what was a retrospective on the local situation in the previous year (2010) Tom Bohs, an editor at the Jackson Sun wrote: (more…)

Scientist: Farming Causes Obesity, Mental Illness, Overpopulation and Global Warming – Says Eugenics “Inevitable”

Friday, January 21st, 2011

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In an article that makes you roll your eyes and wonder “where do they find these people?” the BBC interviews Dr Spencer Wells, explorer-in-residence at the National Geohraphic Society and in charge of their Genographic project, about his new book Pandora’s Seed

Dr Wells tells them about the claims he makes in the book:

In the book, I talk about global warming and overpopulation. I trace a lot of these issues back in time to the dawn of the Neolithic. This was a period when humanity made a sea change in its culture. We settled down and started growing our own food.

BBC. Sting in the Tail of Farming Revolution.

Wow! That’s a pretty big claim to make – that late stone age man caused global warming and overpopulation by inventing farming! But the invention of farming is a good thing, right? (more…)

NOAA Climate Scientist: “We Need to Do Whatever We Can to Reduce Population”

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Source:  hauntingthelibrary

John Miller, a climate scientist working for NOAA (, has been filmed at a “350? climate change rally at the Denver statehouse calling for control of population and an end to the “madness” of economic growth.

In what online canadian pharmacy store! dapoxetine purchase uk . approved pharmacy, buy dapoxetine online pharmacy. was clearly a passionate and deeply heartfelt speech, Miller told the audience, to cheers and applause:

I would be prozac street price prozac 80 mg once daily prozac 90 fluoride teen on 10mg prozac having sleep paralysis brand names australia . come drogarsi con il prozac order fucidin remiss, as a scientist who studied this, if I didn’t mention the following two things:

The first is that, most importantly, we need to do, as a society, in this country and globally, whatever we can to reduce population. [Cheers, applause.] It’s the ‘master variable’ that controls everything [shouts of “that’s right”].

Doing whatever it takes to reduce population is the number one thing for the good Dr Miller. And the second thing? buy viagra online from an official certified pharmacy, no prescription is required, Ending the “madness” of economic growth.

Our whole economic system is based on growth, and growth of our population, and this madness has to end.

Well quite. Who said this global warming business was politically driven? All they’re demanding is control of reproduction and the economy.

See for yourself:

Global Warming Alarmist Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate Climate Deniers

Monday, September 27th, 2010


viagra dapoxetine online online pharmacy sites. easy buy viagra online fda approved weight loss pill viagra online boots. Finnish philosopher says oppressive and brutal government should exert “tireless control of citizens” in shocking insight into threat of eco-fascism movement – Linkola openly calls for Nazi-style mass extermination policies to “kill defectives” price for phenergan price for phenergan buy Promethazine

A Finnish environmentalist guru has gone further than any other global warming alarmist in openly calling for fascism as a necessary step to save the planet from ecological destruction, demanding that climate change deniers be “re-educated” in eco-gulags and that the vast majority of humans be killed with the rest enslaved and controlled by a green police state, with people forcibly sterilized, cars confiscated and travel restricted to members of the elite.

Philosopher Pentti Linkola has built an enthusiastic following of self-described “eco-fascists” receptive to his message that the state should enact draconian measures of “discipline, prohibition, enforcement and oppression” in order to make people comply with environmental dictates. (more…)

Population and Climate Change

Monday, July 12th, 2010

By Alan Barron

Last Saturday, I attended a meeting in the Victorian seaside town of Torquay, not far from Geelong. This public forum was on population and climate change.

There were three Speakers, demographer Professor Bob Birrell from Monash University, Mark O’Conner the author of `Overloading Australia’, and politician, the member for Wills (Melbourne), Kelvin Thompson. The meeting was organised by SCEG, the Surf Coast Energy Group. Local politicians Darren Cheeseman and Liberal candidate for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, attended the meeting of some 180-200 people.

Hardly a word was spoken about climate change. It now seems the global warming lobby has decided to try another tack, the issue of over-population. All three speakers were in fairly general agreement over-population is going to be a major issue – if it isn’t already – in Australia. (more…)