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A reply to Born: How to represent temperature feedbacks in a simple model

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Soure:  WUWT

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, David Legates, Willie Soon and Matt Briggs

Mr. Born has had another go at our paper Why models run hot, published in January 2015 (PDF here) in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Go to, click on “most read articles”. and ours is the all-time no. 1 by a factor of ten. It’s a good read.

Let us begin by putting Mr. Born’s criticism into context. In essence, he is saying he would have liked our simple model to be more complex. Well, he is of course free to write his own model and get it into the reviewed literature. But our simple model, when calibrated against IPCC predictions, reproduced them faithfully when we adopted its parameter values, so, given that we made it quite explicit in the paper that we were adopting a rough-and-ready approach, we saw no reason to introduce pointless complications that would, without much increase in accuracy, have reduced the utility of our model, which is that it is accessible to anyone with a pocket calculator.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Full article here:

Vilifying realist science – and scientists

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Source: SPPI

Tsunami of Green Climate Cash

Tsunami of Green Climate Cash

Ultra-rich Green groups attack climate scientists who question “manmade climate chaos” claims

by Paul Driessen

Things are not going well for Climate Chaos, Inc. The Environmental Protection Agency is implementing its carbon dioxide regulations, and President Obama wants to make more Alaska oil and gas prospects off limits. But elsewhere the climate alarm industry is under siege – and rightfully so.

Shortly after Mr. Obama warned him of imminent climate doom, Prime Minister Modi announced that India would double coal production, to bring electricity to 300 million more people. Hydraulic fracturing has launched a new era of petroleum abundance, making it harder to justify renewable energy subsidies.

Global warming predictions have become increasingly amusing, bizarre and disconnected from real-world climate and weather. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has confessed that its true goal is transforming the world’s economy and redistributing its wealth. More people are realizing that the actual problem is not climate change, which has been ongoing throughout history; it is costly policies imposed in the name of preventing change: policies that too often destroy jobs, perpetuate poverty and kill people. (more…)

A Different Climate Model?

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Source: SEPP

A Different Climate Model? Statistician William Matt Briggs introduces us to a different, simple, climate model designed by Christopher Monckton, Willie Soon, David Legates and Briggs. According to the press release by Briggs, the model was explained in a paper accepted by Science Bulletin (formerly Chinese Science Bulletin), the Orient’s equivalent of Science or Nature. The press release states the simple model was designed to answer the question why the general circulation models used by the IPCC overestimate warming since 1990. Based on the information given, the new model tracks much better than the highly complex general circulation models favored by the IPCC and the organizations that follow it. The main difference between the simple model and the IPCC models is that in the new model, it is assumed that natural processes will reduce the impact of warming caused by increased carbon dioxide (negative feedback), while the IPCC models, in general, assume natural processes will enhance the impact of warming caused by increased carbon dioxide (positive feedback such as water vopor). (more…)

Global Temperature Standstill Lengthens: No global warming for 17 years 10 months – Since Sept. 1996 (214 months)

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: Climate Depot

Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton

Temperature standstill for ‘50.2% of the entire 426-month satellite record’

‘This is the longest continuous period without any warming in the global instrumental temperature record since the satellites first watched in 1979. It has endured for more than half the entire satellite temperature record. Yet the lengthening Pause coincides with a continuing, rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration.’

‘The possibility that the Pause is occurring because the computer models are simply wrong about the sensitivity of temperature to manmade greenhouse gases can no longer be dismissed’

‘On the RSS satellite data, there has been no global warming statistically distinguishable from zero for more than 26 years. None of the models predicted that, in effect, there would be no global warming for a quarter of a century.’ (more…)

Müller Lite: Why Every Scientist Needs a Classical Training

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Source:  SPPI

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

About 18 months ago, as soon as I heard of Dr. Richard Müller’s Berkeley Earth Temperature project, I sent an email to several skeptical scientists drawing their attention to his statement that he considered his team’s attempt to verify how much “global warming” had occurred since 1750 to be one of the most important pieces of research ever to be conducted in the history of science. This sounded too much like propaganda.

He was posing, I said, as a skeptical scientist; his results would broadly confirm the pre-existing temperature series; when his research ended, he would declare himself to have been converted from scepticism to the belief that merely because the world had warmed the warming must be our fault; and publication of his results would be exploited as a triumphant and final confirmation of the “global warming” orthodoxy. (more…)

Cancun: Global Hysteria, Wealth Redistribution

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Source:  Cancun: Global Hysteria, Wealth Redistribution

by Alex Newman

Thousands of climate dignitaries representing almost every national government on Earth flew to Cancun, Mexico, for the great event. Security precautions were extensive: Battleships could be seen from the beach while thousands of soldiers and police lined the jam-packed roads. It was time for the 16th “Conference of the Parties,” or COP16 for short. The annual summit, which was held this year from November 29 through December 10, is an extravaganza of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCCC. The previous year’s COP15 in Copenhagen was massive — over 50,000 attendees in all, not counting protesters. It was well publicized, too. But after the spectacular failure of COP15 to deliver a binding climate treaty, and with little hope of securing one this time, expectations for COP16 were purposefully set low. (more…)

Abraham surrenders to Monckton. Uni of St Thomas endorses untruths.

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Source. JoNova

What do you do when someone speaks against your faith, sounds authoritative, well informed, and backs everything up with lots of evidence? If you’re sane, you change your mind.

If you are John P. Abraham, a lecturer in fluid mechanics at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, you write to a few select scientists distorting what your opponent said, and then collect the infuriated responses. Abraham went on to assemble a list of things Christopher Monckton didn’t say,  complained about things he didn’t cite (even if he did and it’s printed on his slides), pretended he couldn’t find sources (but didn’t take ten minutes to ask), and created a litany of communication pollution in an effort to denigrate Monckton’s character.

The untruths and fabrications have come back to bite him. (more…)

Letters to Father Dease in support of Monckton

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Source:  private communications (permission granted to post)



As a practicing Catholic, I am appalled that one of your ass. profs of mechanical engineering would be preaching Al Gore’s new theoretical global warming ecoreligion.  As a retired Professional Engineer licensed in New Jersey, I am dismayed by what seems to be a pile of unproven, unprofessional, non-engineering, unscientific rubbish that Abraham is promoting from your erstwhile distinguished University. (more…)

Climate Consensus or Con — The Oxford Union Debate

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Source:  Front Page

by Rich Trzupek

About three years ago, Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount of Brenchley, issued an open challenge to Al Gore to debate the issue of global-warming [1]. Not surprisingly, Gore has never responded to that challenge. Gore’s personal grasp of the scientific issues involved in so-called climate change varies from “non-existent” to “vague”. Monckton, who has emerged as one of the leading voices, if not the leading voice, advocating sanity in an increasingly skeptical world would mop the floor with the former vice president were that contest to happen. Yet, if we are never to enjoy that particular debate, we do have this one: Monckton joined three skeptical colleagues in a debate against four alarmists held before England’s Oxford Union Society [2]. The motion put forth was: “That this House would put economic growth before combating climate change.” (more…)

Presentations from 4th International Conference on Climate Change

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Dick Lindzen

Christopher Monckton (more…)