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Global Warming: a Marxist perspective

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Source:  SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

With the recent Rio+20 green fest now over, but with the underlying agenda continuing in myriad different ways because of the insidious impact of Agenda 21, this article in a Marxist journal describes exactly what is behind the the activities of the UN.

The impacts of global warming fall disproportionately on the poor. The effects will manifest themselves in lots of ways: more expensive foods, a shortage of water, less fertile soil, and more extreme weather. Those who will suffer (and already are suffering) as a result are ordinary working and middle class people, peasant farmers – in short, everyone except the super-rich, who can always up sticks and move to a more pleasant climate. Although at the moment the effects are largely confined to the so-called third world, they are already starting to impact on the richer countries.

propecia once a week buy propecia This means that global warming is not just a scientific issue, but a class issue. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: UN seeks to control 70% of Earth’s surface – The Oceans

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Source: SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

There are many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who constantly press for the US to ratify “The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),” commonly referred to as LOST, an international agreement that was concluded in 1982, and came into force in 1994. It is an insidious attempt to remove national sovereignty and for national waters to be subsumed under the control of the UN.

Law of the Sea Convention Update –

The National Ocean Council website carries this message, dated March 25th, 2012.

“President Obama has stated that the United States will promote the stewardship and sustainable use of the oceans in several ways including by cooperating and exercising leadership at the international level and pursuing U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention.   On March 21st, the State Department published a Fact Sheet identifying a number of compelling reasons why the United States should join the Law of the Sea Convention now.” (more…)

A Not So New “Brave New World”

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Opinion: UN-Backed Scientists Call For Mega-City Population Lockup

Jurriaan Maessen

In a recent statement put out by “Planet Under Pressure” several scientists call for denser cities in order to mitigate worldwide population growth. When in doubt that UN’s Agenda 21 is not the Mein Kampf of our day, one should consider yet another in-your-face confession from yet another certified biocratic control freak

According to an MSNBC article one of the scientists while speaking about human populations worldwide, stated:

We certainly don’t want them strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].”

Insisting the world’s population be locked up within the confounds of mega-cities, the elite realizes that if the herd is to be properly controlled walls are needed- thick walls, and by constructing these walls, making the masses go this or that way will be made easier..

Chief scientist Michail Fragkias involved with “Planet under Pressure” told MSNBC that “the answer (to population growth) is denser cities.” (more…)

Rio +20 Earth Summit will tie population into green knots

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Source:  CFP

The United Nations is not giving up its assault on the economic and political future of our country and of our planet. The first installment of the United Nations to control the globe environmentally and economically was “The UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED),” held in Rio in 1992. The UN Bruntland Commission released its official UN Agenda 21 that same year, following the Conference on Human Settlements in 1976 and the 1987 report, “Our Common Future.”

The policy of Sustainable Development, land use, education, population control and reduction, made nature and its protection the central principle for all member nations.

The 65-page socialist document released from the Conference on Human Settlements (1976) declared private land ownership and wealth as primary reasons for “social injustice.” Its recommendations that were later incorporated in UN Agenda 21 are:

  • Redistribution of population according to resources
  • Government control of land use in order to achieve equitable distribution of resources
  • Land use control through zoning and planning
  • Government control of excessive profits from land use
  • Urban and rural land control through public land ownership
  • Developing rights must be held by public authorities (more…)

Water, water everywhere, and not drop is private-owned

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

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Obama Administration and EPA Use Clean Water Act for New Overreach

Prepare To Have That Puddle in Your Back Yard Regulated.

Just as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used the Clean Air Act to broaden the scope of their authority way beyond its original intention with rules like MACT and CSAPR, the Clean Water Act is becoming a tool of overreach by the out of control agency.

Barack Obama and the EPA’s Lisa Jackson have made it clear through their actions that they will circumvent the legislature by using regulatory enforcement to enact Obama’s green dreams, and now it seems that circumvention includes the Supreme Court of the United States. (more…)

OPINION: Gov. Rick Perry and Agenda 21

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Source:  SPPI Blog

by Dennis Ambler

In view of Perry’s current stance on AGW, is it a ruse to get things like this in the back door?


compare the best online pharmacies to buy deltasone. order generic prednisone with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rick Perry tied to Agenda 21, globalist policies | August Forecast & Review  16 August 2011- By Terri Hall

Rick Perry may be good at invoking states rights and prop­erty rights, while dis­avowing ‘for­eign cred­i­tors,’ feb 19, 2012 – tags: buy baclofen , baclofen online, cheap baclofen . copyright 2012 generic baclofen . all rights reserved. baclofen where to buy but his actions as Texas’ longest serving gov­ernor tell a dif­ferent story. Public pri­vate part­ner­ships (or P3s) are part and parcel of the United Nations’ Agenda 21. Two of the pur­poses of Agenda 21 are to abolish pri­vate prop­erty and restrict mobility and P3s act as the vehicle to do it. Perry made P3s a cen­ter­piece of his trans­porta­tion policy since he stepped in as governor.

While Perry dis­tracted Texans and tea partiers with ‘emer­gency’ res­o­lu­tions on state sov­er­eignty during the 82nd leg­is­la­ture, P3s spread from trans­porta­tion projects to vir­tu­ally every other type of public infra­struc­ture in a bill, SB 1048 buy estrace , estrace cream, estrace coupons, cheap estradiol, order estradiol, where to buy estradiol, buy buy estrace online – extra low prices ! , passed by the Texas leg­is­la­ture which he signed into law June 17.

Now all public infra­struc­ture, including public build­ings, schools, nursing homes, ports, mass transit, etc. can be auctioned-off to pri­vate inter­ests in long-term sweet­heart deals with tax­payer sub­si­dies and profit guar­an­tees using P3s. (more…)

National Resources are no longer National

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Source:  SPPI there is a review of a few trusted and qualitative online pharmacies and drugstores where you can buy lioresal or order cheap baclofen online, compare prices

by Dennis Ambler

In June this year, the German government issued the Press Release shown below, relating to the UN Convention on Biodiversity, which is another product of Maurice Strong’s UNEP/Agenda 21 from the 1992 Earth Summit. The Press Release relates to a UN Conference on Bio-Diversity, in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010, which was widely reported in the media, but with minimal detail and little public interest, because all the talk was of the forthcoming UNFCCC COP16 event in Cancun, Mexico.

This is how major advances are made by the UN, in their drive for global governance. Conferences and meetings on all sorts of issues are held almost monthly and each country sends its representatives to agree on measures which the average member of the public will not be aware of until it impacts them directly. Whilst ostensibly to protect the rights of “indigenous peoples”, if new genetic resources, such as medicinal plants were to be discovered in, say, the Amazon, the implications are widespread and effectively it says genetic resources are no longer the property of an individual nation, they are “World Property”, to be administered by the UN. If anyone accessed them without UN sanction, they would be guilty of “Bio-Piracy”. How much closer to global governance can you get than this? (more…)

Another manifestaion of Agenda 21?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Another manifestaion of Agenda 21?

by Dennis Ambler

 Australian state government bans mining ‘forever’

The government of South Australia has announced its intention to ban mining in perpetuity in the Arkaroola region in the northern part of the state, citing the region’s unique character and sensitive environmental, cultural and heritage values. Arkaroola includes the Mt Gee uranium deposit, with estimated indicated and inferred resources totalling over 31,000 tonnes U3 4 days ago – mail order dapoxetine buy dapoxetine online buy baclofen no prescription buy cheap baclofen baclofen cheap buy baclofen lioresal cheap order baclofen online buy lioresal 10mg buy baclofen without  from usa dapoxetine tablets uk dapoxetine 30mg price delhi tadapox tadalafil and dapoxetine O8 (26,300 tU), for which South Australian exploration company Marathon Resources holds an exploration lease.

Things More Worrisome than AGW: UN Agenda 21

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


The United Nations wants to abolish private property worldwide. UN Agenda 21 is their tool—and local governments are already cooperating.

What is UN Agenda 21?

UN Agenda 21 means “Agenda for the Twenty-first Century.” It is the environmentalist agenda of the United Nations. In 1992, the UN held a Conference for Sustainable Development—another nice-sounding catch phrase—in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Most people remember this conference as the “Earth Summit.”) The UN set out UN Agenda 21 in the “Rio Declaration” at that conference, and set up a Division of Sustainable Development to carry out their plan.

“Sustainable development” means human action that does not harm the environment long-term—but who decides “harm” or “long-term” has always been in dispute. In fact, the UN never says what “sustainable development” means. Joan Veon sounded this warning before she died: “sustainable development” means “control,” and the dictatorship of the environmentalists. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW — Communitarianism

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  SPPI

Commentary on UK Spectator: Communitarianism is a freedom-hating totalitarian philosophy like any other

by Dennis Ambler

I saw it [the Spectator essay] yesterday, he is absolutely right of course.

I think it’s a cross between Liberal/Social Democracy and Socialism/Communism, probably the still evolving Fabianism which drives much of what we see in the west. It seems to mean different things to different people but the main essence seems to be that the individual is subsumed by the needs of the “community” however that may be defined.

To say that individuals don’t help each other or look out for their local environment, or seek to help people in genuine need, without being organised by “environmentalists” or “focus groups” or community organisers, shows a poor regard for the nature of human beings. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: Oceans 21 – The Process Has Begun

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Source:  SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

Here is a follow up to the Agenda 21 Oceans paper, the process is well underway.

Here is a very apposite article  following on from the paper, UN Agenda 21 Will Rule the US Waves, with the title, How do you manage US oceans? Look at local successes, (Environmental Research web, May 5, 2011)

“Policymakers are very familiar with land-use planning. But what is the best approach for planning uses of America’s coastal waters and oceans? That question has gained importance since President Obama formed the National Ocean Council last summer and charged it with developing an ecosystem-based stewardship policy for the nation’s oceans, coastal waters and the Great Lakes.” (more…)

IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Source:  American Thinker

By Marc Sheppard no prescription amoxicillin 500mg buy Amoxicillin amoxicillin without prescription

Unquestionably the world’s final authority on the subject, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s findings and recommendations have formed the bedrock of literally every climate-related initiative worldwide for more than a decade. Likewise, virtually all such future endeavors — be they Kyoto II, domestic cap-and-tax, or EPA carbon regulation, would inexorably be built upon the credibility of the same U.N. panel’s “expert” counsel. But a glut of ongoing recent discoveries of systemic fraud has rocked that foundation, and the entire man-made global warming house of cards is now teetering on the verge of complete collapse.

Simply stated, we’ve been swindled. We’ve been set up as marks by a gang of opportunistic hucksters who have exploited the naïvely altruistic intentions of the environmental movement in an effort to control international energy consumption while redistributing global wealth and (in many cases) greedily lining their own pockets in the process. (more…)