World government: they’re at it again

By The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

They?re at it again. The world-government wannabes of the UN have summoned 192 nations to meet in Bonn, Germany, in the second week of April to plan another attempt to impose an unelected global government on us in the specious name of Saving The Planet.

The Planet, of course, was Saved 2000 years ago, and it does not need to be Saved again. But the international corporatists, fascists, communists ? call them what you will, but they are certainly not believers in democracy in any shape or form ? know that they cannot get away with setting up their long-planned dismal bureaucratic-centralist dictatorship unless they pretend that a global emergency demands it.

At the very moment when the science behind the ?global warming? scare has abjectly collapsed, and ?global warming? profiteers and data-fabricators around the world are facing prosecution for false accounting, scientific and financial fraud, and outright racketeering, the fraudsters and racketeers will be in Bonn planning to give themselves a free pardon as they inflict upon us a ruthless and monstrously expensive regime of taxation without representation, regulation without election, and economic interference without democracy.

The plans for this global tyranny of the governing class against the governed have been long in the making. Four hundred years ago the Freemasons dreamed of it. Exactly a century ago, on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, five of Wall Street?s most prominent bankers met with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to plot the creation of the Federal Reserve, which in turn led to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both of which have open world-government ambitions.

On a parallel track, the United Nations, founded just a year after the World Bank, has been holding conferences on what it pompously calls ?global governance? for years. But it need a Grand Scare to herd into line the independent-minded voters of the minority of its member nations that make and unmake their governments by universal secret ballot.

?Global warming? fitted the bill nicely. Sir Maurice Strong, an immensely wealthy Canadian bureaucrat, established the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a political rather than a scientific body because, as he said quite openly 30 years ago, he hoped it would sow the seeds of world government.

Since then, politicians such as Jacques Chirac, Angela Merkel, Al Gore, and the present UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, have spoken out with increasing shamelessness of their desire for world government.

By last year, they thought the endless ?global warming? scare-stories in the mainstream news media (which are no lovers of democracy) had softened up the voting public enough to put a full-blown world government in place.

They made just one fatal mistake. For the sake of later being able to say that the draft climate treaty establishing the world government had always been available on the Web if anyone had cared to look, the UN?s bureaucracy posted up the draft Copenhagen Treaty on an obscure UN website, craftily concealing it as an annex to a two-page memo sexily entitled ?Note by the Secretariat of the State Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change?.

There, they hoped, no one would read it. But one man reads everything. Dr. Willie Wei-Hock Soon, an expert on the Sun?s influence over the Earth?s climate at the Harvard-Smithsonian Institute of Astrophysics, trawls the internet daily to find out what the Forces of Darkness are up to. He noticed that the length of the file containing what was presented as just a 2-page ?Note? seemed disproportionately long, and stumbled on the Treaty draft.

That draft was a lulu. It proposed the establishment of a new entity, consisting of hundreds of interlocking bureaucracies, which ? for the first time in any Treaty of this kind ? was openly described as a ?government?. The purposes of the new entity were ?government? (meaning the power of direct intervention in the economic as well as environmental affairs of all nations), ?facilitative mechanism? (meaning the power, again for the first time in any Treaty, to enforce its will over the heads of elected national governments, and to impose savage penalties on those that did not comply), and ?financial mechanism? (meaning the right to levy massive taxes on the citizens of the West.

The words ?democracy?, ?election?, ?ballot?, and ?vote? did not occur anywhere in the 186 pages of the draft Treaty. The world government was going to be a tyranny. And this is what Jefferson had to say about tyrannical government: ?I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every tyranny over the mind of Man.?
When I first revealed the existence of this dreadful draft Treaty, at a meeting of the Petroleum Club of Calgary last October, a journalist from Canada?s National Post asked, wearily, whether I was just another ?world-government conspiracy theorist?. I told him I had just three words for him in answer: ?Read. The. Treaty.? He did so, and rang me an hour later to say the draft was ten times worse than what I had said. He splashed it all over the front page of the Post.

A week later, I mentioned the Treaty draft during the peroration of a speech to the Minnesota Free Market Institute about the ?global warming? scare. Someone filmed the peroration and posted it up as a 4-minute clip on YouTube. More than 5 million people have now seen that clip. Hundreds of thousands of them got in touch with their Senators to insist that the Treaty should not pass. The President was also warned, and the draft was torn up before the first day of the UN?s Copenhagen climate conference.

But here They are again, this time trying to copy the European Union by bringing in an unelected, supranational government piecemeal and by stealth, rather than brazenly and all at once. I shall be in Bonn next month ? and, later this year, in Cancun, Mexico ? to stop them. While I?m around, government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the Earth.