World Cooling To Global Warming

Source:  GWPF

Politicians, today, have predictably ?walked away? from the issue of global warming. In retrospect we have to ask why this mass illusion, the transition to ?a new ecological society? imploded and fell off the teleprompters, off the front pages, and out of the seemingly endless TV special reports on threatened polar bears and collapsing ice cliffs. How could this all disappear so fast? –Andrew McKillop, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 28 June 2012

To be sure, the serried ranks of corporate profiteers from the global warming surge are still in the ?shock? phase, following the effective collapse of what was going to be so big. Their business models had to be changed, on paper and in press releases at least. Unwinding their trading and investment positions, re-jigging their portfolios will take time – so for a while longer Big Business still plays carbon correct. Rather surely, however, corporate spin doctors are now at work to reconstruct the past in order to cancel the global warming business future. –Andrew McKillop, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 28 June 2012

As the climate-change theory crumbles, expect its supporters to be more vocal in its defence, more insistent that the science is ironclad. Like the cultish followers of any faddish religion when it nears the end of its fashionableness, they will proclaim their views even more vociferously and denounce more forcefully all those who disagree. But increasingly, their warnings of impending doom and their character attacks on their opponents will be performed before empty houses, as in Rio. –Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun, 27 June 2012

The anti-global-warming crusade against carbon-based energy is the latest assault on progress and improvement. Zubrin is correct to call the climate-change movement a ?global antihuman cult.? Its assaults against dissent, embrace of messianic leaders, and apocalyptic scenarios reveal a debased religious sensibility rather than scientific rigor.Bruce Thornton, City Journal, June/July 2012

The paper by Schneider et al 2012 has the clever idea of looking at the temperatures of lakes and reservoirs around the world. They provide data for 169 of the largest inland water bodies world- wide using three satellite-borne instruments. Together they provide daily to near-daily data from 1981 through to the present, allowing them to calculate 25-year trends of nighttime summertime/dry-season surface temperature. My preliminary calculations suggest that there is no statistically significant trend post-1997. Hence an alternate description of their findings is that the world?s large bodies of water show the well known standstill of the past decade or so seen in global temperatures. –David Whitehouse, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 27 June 2012

Between 1985 and 2011, global electricity generation increased by about 450 terawatt-hours per year. That?s the equivalent of adding about one Brazil (which used 485 terawatt-hours of electricity in 2010) to the electricity sector every year. And the International Energy Agency expects global electricity use to continue growing by about one Brazil per year through 2035. –Robert Bryce, National Review, 27 June 2012