Who’s the greenest of them all? India- Hindustan Times

posted by Dennis Ambler

Who’s the greenest of them all? India- Hindustan Times

Indian consumers are the greenest in the world, said a global survey of 17 countries, released on a day when the Municipal Corporation of Delhi became the nation’s first civic body to cash in on cutting down carbon emissions.

A municipal compost plant in Okhla — run by the private sector ILFS group — generated a first, modest cheque of of Rs 5 lakh in carbon emission reduction (CER) credits for its plan to keep more than 9,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 10 years by stopping methane leaks from garbage.

“In an age in which American consumerism has nudged most of the developing world into aping its values, such success stories illustrate public-private partnership model is the way to go,” said Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, chairman of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.

CERs, or carbon credits, are environmental currency, issued by the United Nations — after a rigorous procedure that can last two years; the Okhla plant was cleared in one — to a project that cuts carbon emissions. The credits can then be traded on international exchanges like shares.

[Ambler comment:  No doubt this garbage will be re-cycled many times.]