What is Wrong With the IPCC?

Source:  Dr. Ross McKitick

Dear friends, colleagues and assorted contacts

I am pleased to announce the release of my new report for the UK-based Global Warming Policy Foundation entitled “What is Wrong With the IPCC? Proposals for Radical Reform.”

The Hon. John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia, kindly supplied a foreword. He writes, in part

Professor McKitrick’s report focuses on the reporting procedures of the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The intellectual bullying,
which has been a feature of the behaviour of some global warming zealots,
makes this report necessary reading if there is to be an objective assessment
of all of the arguments. The attempt of many to close down the debate is
disgraceful, and must be resisted. 

Ross McKitrick has written a well-researched and articulate critique of the
IPCC’s methods.  It deserves careful study, especially by those who remain in
an agnostic state on this issue.
A copy can be downloaded here: http://www.rossmckitrick.com/uploads/4/8/0/8/4808045/mckitrick-ipcc_reforms.pdf

An op-ed describing the report is published in today’s National Post here: http://opinion.financialpost.com/2011/11/22/fix-it-or-fold-it/

The coincidental release of a new tranche of climategate emails this week adds additional evidence to what I believe is a strong case that the IPCC is in need of serious and far-reaching reform. The disappointing results of the process that was initiated by the IAC report last year only serve to indicate how much more needs to be done.


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