Update on Copenhagen process

Source:  SPPI

Question from SPPI reader:

Can you please tell me what is the latest news about the One-world-government treaty that was in the works a couple of years ago?? 

Reply by Christopher Monckton:

Many thanks for your enquiry. I am glad to say that, partly as a result of the adverse publicity which news of the proposed Copenhagen Treaty attracted, the Treaty failed at Copenhagen. However, a number of largely-unreported meetings since then, under the German Government, have taken place in Bonn, where – to summarize not unfairly – the principal provisions of the failed draft are now being introduced little by little, and by stealth. The process is similar to that by which the European tyranny, with the acquiescence of the governments of Europe, gradually accreted supreme legislative power to itself and, in effect, extinguished all but the mere appearance of democracy throughout its dismal empire.   The annual public meetings, such as the Copenhagen event, continue. There was a meeting at Cancun last year, which established the bureaucratic framework for the world government by creating almost 1000 new bureaucracies. You will find more details of what was done at Cancun in a short book that I wrote for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (www.cfact.org), which you can download from their website. There is a further meeting at Durban this year, and there will be a massively-publicized further annual meeting at Rio in December of next year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Earth Summit”. There remains a continuing danger, therefore, that the transfer of power from elected hands at national level to unelected hands globally will continue to gather pace, unfortunately with at least the tacit support of most of the world’s news media, who increasingly represent only a narrow and dangerous political faction.