UNFCCCP: Communism red in tooth and claw at Copenhagen

From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in snowy Rannoch, Scotland

My good friends at the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, one of the few sane environmental organizations on the planet, held a well-mannered demonstration in central Copenhagen halfway through the two-week yackfest that has now ended in ignominious failure. They built a wall across a street, and called it the Climate Wall, dividing the rich nations self-indulgent enough to believe in the “global warming” lie from the poorer nations who will be forever imprisoned in poverty if they are not allowed to use as much fossil fuel as they need to combust their way to prosperity and hence to population stability.

But the most interesting thing about the demonstration was the counter-demonstration. Hundreds of chanting enviro-zombs turned out, carrying hammer-and-sickle flags and singing the Internationale. Yes, the hated and now-discarded symbol of Communist tyranny is back – and back in the hands of the Traffic-Light Tendency: the Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds.

Some months ago, during a dinner party here in Rannoch, I had been asked what I thought of the then new, fresh, exciting, vibrant, dynamic Obama administration. “Communist!” I had replied. And the assembled Great and Good had had a collective fit of the vapors. “You can’t go around calling people Communist,” they burbled angrily. “That just makes you sound extreme.”

And there, in that typical reply, lies the rub. The extremists have succeeded in labeling anyone who calls them extremists extremist.

A few days after the Rannoch dinner-party at which my fashionably empty-headed fellow-guests had spluttered indignantly into their soup at the very mention of the word “Communist” in the same sentence as the sacred word “Obama”, I was at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, giving a briefing to the Press Corps. Once again I was asked about the new, fresh (etc.) Obama administration. “Communist!” I had replied. The dean of the Press Corps, John Gizzi of Human Events, took me on one side. “You know,” he said, “it really won’t do to use That Word. It makes you sound extreme.”

In his subsequent article, which was otherwise excellent in every way, my every reference to “Communist” had been changed – with my best interests at heart, no doubt – to “very extreme Socialist”.

Which is one of the reasons why the “global warming” scare has proven so effective among the chattering classes and the political elite. It is a Communist-driven, anti-capitalist device intended to persuade us to shut down our economies from within, so that Communist China and other third-world nations whose “leaders” are of a generally Very Extreme Socialist cast of mind can profit by not having to compete with us for finite natural resources.

Now, many in the DC Press Corps is openly describing the Obama administration as Communist. Glenn Beck, the doughtiest freedom-fighter in the mainstream media, has run a series of TV programs on Fox News exposing the Communism of Obama’s cabinet, his Czars, and his policies.

We scarcely needed the hammer-and-sickle flags to remind us that Communism was the driving farce behind Copenhagen. Ugo Chavez of Venezuela ranted for 20 minutes about the evils of capitalism, and received a standing ovation even from several staid Western delegations who ought to have known better (but who are themselves too close to Very Extreme Socialism for comfort).

It is particularly sad that so many supposedly conservative political “leaders” have carelessly drifted along with the Communist “global warming” nonsense. Malcolm Turnbull, who really ought to have known better, decided to endorse Kevin Rudd’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme in Australia, and was ousted by his own fellow-Members of Parliament. Quite right too. Let that be a warning to the others.

Perhaps the daftest political “leader” who supports the “global warming” scare ever more avidly as it collapses in frost and fraud is Dave Cameron, who – barring a cataclysm in the next few weeks – will be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in a couple of months’ time. There was once a capering, androgynous crooner who styled himself The Artist Formerly Called “Prince”. In the Party Formerly Called Conservative, Dave Cameron has decided that he and his party would be seen as New, Fresh (etc.) if he decided to pretend to believe in “global warming”.

Recently, Dave held a simpering interview with three robotically-indoctrinated schoolchildren, one of whom asked him whether their future was secure given the threat to the planet posed by “global warming”. And Dave, instead of telling them not to be so silly, for there is no such threat, went along with the politically-correct but actually-fatuous nonsense that they had spouted, and said that unless we all put our garbage in the correct recycling-bins and turned our computers and TVs to “Off” rather than “Standby” we were all doomed.

This headbanging intellectual stupidity is doing Dave no good at all, politically speaking. I have just had an email from a group in the south-east of England – the heartland of Not the Conservative Party – saying that, in the light of Dave’s addle-pated decision to align himself with the resurgence of international Communism (and they did not faff around calling it Very Extreme Socialism), they were all going to join the United Kingdom Independence Party, which is now the real Conservative Party.

An eminent surgeon who has been following the climate debate with more than a little interest because so many of his patients had been saying they were frightened for the future of the planet commented to me that if Dave wants to be taken seriously he will have to wake up to the fact that opinion among the voters is now more skeptical than ever. The more often Dave speaks about his fervent belief in the New Superstition that is the Church of “Global Warming”, the more votes he will lose. This subject was never much of a vote-winner: now, it is a downright electoral liability. Ask Barak Husain Obama, who has lost the support of his electorate more quickly than any other President before him.

At a splendid Tea-Party rally in Texas a couple of months ago, where 15,000 people turned out to protest at the current Administration’s many threats to the American way of life, numerous Democrats who had voted for the Great Imam of the White House attended. They bitterly regretted their votes, they said. They were now genuinely fearful for the very survival of their nation. Not the least of their worries was that the Waxman-Markey cap-and-tax Bill, that had scraped through the House of Representatives by the narrowest of margins, would inflict upon them the largest tax increase in world history, and yet – on the admission of the administration itself – would make not the slightest measurable difference to the global climate.

At Copenhagen, the childish sloganizing, the crude propaganda in every town square, the red flags, the Ugo Chavezes, all underlined with remarkable clarity the central fact in the debate about the climate: the fact that belief in anthropogenic “global warming” has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the stealthy rebuilding of the Communism that collapsed in ignominious defeat when the Berlin Wall came down.

At Copenhagen, the Traffic-Light Tendency failed. That will not stop them from trying again. As Edmund Burke used to say, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. And, if we are to be vigilant, we must call the Communists what they are, and not water down the truth with weasel words like Very Extreme Socialism.