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The Real Climate              

by Vincent Gray

The Climate is a heat engine. Energy input is mainly short wave radiation from the sun. Energy output is mainly long wave radiation from every surface on the earth and from every level in the atmosphere, including clouds and aerosols.

Medieval Warm Period in Australia & New Zealand                   

Climate alarmists have claimed for quite some time that late-20th-century and early-21st-century global temperatures were so high as to merit the word “unprecedented” when comparing them to temperatures of the past millennium or two; and they also claim that this achievement was both driven and sustained by the carbon dioxide or CO2 released to the air by mankind’s burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. But to maintain this dual contention, they have been forced to further contend that the well-known Medieval Warm Period was neither hemispheric nor global in scope, but merely confined to the much smaller region surrounding the North Atlantic Ocean. And they have also had to contend that the MWP was never really as warm as it had long been believed to be.

Drought Trends Across Canada                       

Knowledge of the past is extremely important when it comes to contemplating future climatic possibilities; for what’s happened before can clearly happen again. Hence, this summary briefly reviews the history of Canadian droughts with respect to how they varied over the past several centuries in response to significant changes in global air temperature but very little change in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration, which exercise provides some idea of how Canadian droughts might possibly vary in the post-Little Ice Age world that is known as the Current Warm Period.