Thinking Green: Monckton seeks access to Gore, Cortes agrees to meeting

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Lord Monckton, the outspoken critic of environmental guru Al Gore, has formally requested press accreditation to attend the controversial Thinking Green seminar organised by the Gibraltar Government at the Tercentenary Hall on Sunday October 21st.

It already emerged that the former US vice-president and defeated presidential candidate “will not be present or available for any press interviews at any time.”

Convent Place further confirmed that press photographers, TV cameramen and sound recorders “will be asked to leave the hall after five minutes of Mr Gore’s speech.”

Only paying guests to the seminar will therefore be allowed to field questions to Mr Gore after his address.

Prices range from a £300 a head VIP pass which includes complimentary coffee and a gala dinner later at St Michael’s Cave, to the non VIP tickets that cost between £80- £20 depending on the distance from the stage where Mr Gore will deliver his speech.

Lord Monckton has stated that either with a formal press pass, he is a journalist by profession, or as a paying guest, he will be listening to Mr Gore’s speech, taking notes and then challenging him with questions.

Mr Gore will be reportedly paid an estimated $100,000 for a 45 minute key-note speech at the seminar.

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And as events unfold, it has also come to light that Minister for the Environment John Cortes has agreed to meet Lord Monckton, who will be in Gibraltar during the Thinking Green seminar, to a meeting the following day, Monday October 22nd.

A notable public speaker and former advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Monckton has been challenging Mr Gore to a public debate since 2007 when the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was first released.

He threw down the gauntlet for a face to face discussion on international television in front of an invited audience of leading scientists in climate and related fields from all sides of the environmental debate. To this day the challenge remains unheeded.

Lord Monckton has been damning of the Thinking Green seminar, which he has described as a “propaganda rally” and dismissed Mr Gore as “a global warming profiteer.”

The event has attracted corporate sponsorship from the Nature Group and Hassans among others, although the Gibraltar Government has to date stated that it is not in a position to say how much Al Gore’s visit will cost local coffers.

Lord Monckton, who is a published author with numerous works on scientific and economic theory to his name, has also announced that he will be holding a press conference locally “without restrictions on questions or media access.”

And he has asked the GSLP/Liberal Government “not to squander hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on subsidising the extravagant lifestyles of multi-millionaire ‘global warming’ profiteers such as Gore.”

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