Things More Worrisome than AGW: Global Governance

Source:  SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

The Borg Collective: Resistance is Futile

The pieces are still falling into place, The Bretton Woods chapter and the World Bank Development money are crystal clear and you can see the results all around. Soros is a firm advocate of IMF SDR’s and he wants to use them to produce the $100 billion demanded by the UNFCCC for a “climate fund”.

UN development aid is always used for “capacity building“, which means they institute a bureacracy, whose wages they pay at higher rates than the average citizen can dream of, so they get core support. That bureaucracy then needs buildings, which produce nothing for the poulation, but institutionalises the UN. The bureacracy grows and becomes the de facto government with the country’s bought-off president as the titular head.

The process is even on-going in industrialised nations. The EU now has an “embassy” in London called European House. More and more British people get jobs with the EU bureacracy, so they are not going to kill off the source of their livelihood by attacking the EU.

I have always been puzzled by Soros, a supposed Socialist, and his role in the dismantling of the former Soviet Union and the former Soviet states, which he did with the help of Gorbachev. The answer is that under the autocracy of the Soviet Union, he was not in control and could not direct them. Direct communism is not as controllable as Fabian socialism and it is that system that he has found the most beneficial for taking down sovereign capitalism and replacing it with global capitalism, where the elite control the world via the international monetary system.

The skill with which he has fooled people is shown in this Forbes article, where the author has been totally taken in by the “philanthropy” image that Soros has created. The author is also under the delusion that the 20th century saw “Free-market capitalism.” This is another trick of course, to blame the economic collapse on a Free Market which doesn’t exist, and riding to the rescue come the IMF and the World Bank. We often hear the claim that the current problems are the reult of “de-regulation.”

“Whatever passionate opposition some of Soros?s prescriptions have drawn, including from this writer, he generously contributed billions of dollars to helping the people of Eastern Europe make the successful transition from totalitarian communism to free markets and democracy.”

All that has happened is that Soros and friends asset-stripped these countries and they have created poorer replicas of the UK and the US, albeit with even less democracy than we still have. In most cases, former communists are in the new governments and they are now massively in debt to the the elite banks. Many of the former states have now been subsumed into the EU, which, as Griffin says, will be just a regional government of a new World government.

Another parallel coming out of “Jekyll” is the creation of “good will assets” for the S&L companies. The current UN agenda is for the valuation of “natural assets”, putting monetary values on environmental features such as forests, coastlines etc. The hidden agenda is that these can then be used as security for loans to developing countries and will  of course be forfeit in the event of default, a process which has been ongoing under the UN Development Program, (or the Undevelopment Program, which is more accurate), but this will give them a new angle.

I watched a program on UK Channel 4 a couple of nights ago, which was a serious take down of environmentalism, although they were swallowing the “Planet in Danger” mantra, which people like WWF have engendered. It may not be available outside the UK but the link is below.

I made a few notes,

Channel 4 Dispatches, 20th June

Although it starts with the usual mantra of extinctions to come, and moves on to the “death of the oceans” this is taking down the conservation movement. Murder, evictions from tribal lands, all in the name of conservation.

It basically seems to be a plea for money from the lesser funded side of conservation for more money from the cuddly animal side, reptiles, amphibians don’t get the same money as Pandas and Polar Bears. Shows irresponsible release of orphan elephants and destruction of crops.

Joy Adamson, (Born Free), a colonialist who beat her staff and evicted locals from her new animal reserves without redress. Original wildlife reserves set as private hunting grounds for wealthy westerners.

Former President of Kenya, Arap Moye, sold his land to a WWF subsidiary, African Wildlife Federation, to establish wild life sanctuaries, police, were driving farmers from their homes and burning their houses, .

UK-WWF CEO David Nussbaum interview, he of course knew nothing of it but they would investigate and seek to alter their behaviour.

Criticism of Conservation International corporate partners increasingly common.

I then did a little digging, board members are Peter Seligman CEO, Chairman of the Exec committee is Rob Walton of Wal-Mart, This is from my paper, Contaction and Convergence,

In the recent Cancun conference, George Soros was involved in discussions with Mexican President Felipe Calderón, World-Bank President Robert Zoellick and Wal-Mart CEO Robson Walton among others, to express corporate and State approval for the REDD (Reducing Emissions from Forest Deforestation and Degradation) scheme.

Part of UNFCCC process

Conservation International will be participating in the UNFCCC climate negotiations (SBSTA/SBI 34, LCA 14, and KP 16) in Bonn, Germany this June. Our engagement will include providing technical support to Parties, meeting with intergovernmental bodies and non-governmental partners, and participating in side events.

In Bonn, UNFCCC negotiators from nearly 200 countries will be working to build off of the Cancun Agreements as they prepare for the 17th Conference of the Parties in Durban, South Africa at the end of this year.

Their aim: agreement on a comprehensive set of actions to address climate change.  Both political and technical negotiations will take place in Bonn as parties try to line up the larger issues while also deciding on the details that will enable implementation in areas such as reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD+) and adaptation.

Other board members are Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations, Thomas E. Lovejoy President The H. John Heinz III Center, Stewart A. Resnick, Chairman of the Board, Roll International Corporation

Resnick owns the Fiji Water  Company and claims to be saving the Fijian rainforest, offsetting “120% of their carbon emissions, by reforestation, of which they have planted a token 1.4sq miles. Attacked by environmental groups who are possibly starting to wake up to the unintended consequences of their support for the UN and IPCC. Recently sued for false advertising,

“Though Fiji Water is touted as “carbon-negative” on billboards, it uses a “forward crediting” model to take credit now for offsets that won’t happen until 2037, if ever.”

These are CI’s corporate partners, a must see: JP Morgan, BoA, BP etc

More carbon crimes from WWF with Palm oil in Honduras. They are partnered with Dinant company, driving peasants off their land – machine gunned protesting peasants, 5 killed. Mass evictions to make way for planting Palm Oil under UN CDM.

What a mass of corruption has been produced by the UN and its activities on behalf the Globalists.

See: Abdication of the West by Lord Monckton: