Source:  IBD

Green Corruption: The Environmental Protection Agency is giving funds to charitable organizations to attack GOP members of Congress. Did you know telling the truth about climate change causes childhood asthma?

We have heard the litany of horrors that climate change is said to bring about ? retreating glaciers, rising sea levels, drought and flooding, disease and famine.

Now we are told that fighting the EPA’s power grab to regulate greenhouse gases will lead to an increase in childhood asthma.

The American Lung Association, considered one of America’s most credible and worthy charities, has placed four billboards in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District ? including one outside the office of Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who heads the House Energy and Commerce Committee ? that feature a sickly looking girl with an oxygen mask and read, “Rep. Fred Upton, protect our kids’ health. Don’t weaken the Clean Air Act.”

But what Upton and the Republican House majority that most voters elected in November are trying to do is restore the Clean Air Act to its true meaning and congressional intent.

The act was created to clean the air, not to fight mythical climate change and regulate down to our lawn mowers the so-called greenhouse gases ? including that product of human respiration, carbon dioxide.

This relationship between the EPA and the ALA goes back to at least the early 1990s.

As John Merline reported in IBD way back in 1997, from 1990 to 1995 the EPA gave the American Lung Association some $5 million. reports that the EPA has given the ALA an additional $20 million the past decade.

In return, the ALA is putting up billboards in opposition to reining in an EPA that is guilty of at least mission creep and at worst of accumulating power not authorized by our elected representatives in Congress.

This incestuous back-scratching arrangement demeans the ALA’s noble mission.

The Upton bill, dubbed the Energy Tax Prevention Act, passed the Energy and Commerce Committee this month. Meanwhile, a companion bill in the Senate introduced by Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe has been attached as an amendment to a small-business bill.

At a recent mark-up of the Upton-Inhofe bill to strip the EPA of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases, Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., tried to defend the agency by offering a recent American Lung Association poll that purports to show public opinion favoring the EPA.

But the questions related to the public’s attitude on pollution, not climate, and did not ask if the public felt the EPA should be free to regulate every aspect of our lives based on a flawed finding that carbon dioxide, the basis for all life on earth , was a dangerous pollutant.

Inhofe observes that EPA Director Lisa Jackson herself has acknowledged the Clean Air Act “is not specifically designed to address greenhouse gases.”

The House-passed Waxman-Markey bill did, but it died with Senate inaction and with the election of a new Congress ? an election in which it was a major issue.

Along with ObamaCare, the American people rejected the idea of taxing and regulating carbon dioxide.

As Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute points out, attempts to add provisions to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 that would let the EPA regulate greenhouse gas emissions were defeated in the Senate. A similar attempt in the House went nowhere.

The EPA, with President Obama’s blessing, is clearly trying to get around congressional intent and the will of the American people to implement cap-and-trade through EPA regulation ? and paying the ALA to falsely frame it as a public health issue.

The American Lung Association should be well aware of the health effects of poverty and a lower standard of living. EPA regulations will force energy prices to rise and the economy to fall.

It is a fact that wealthier societies are healthier societies, something the ALA forgets when it sold its soul to become a government lobbyist for cap-and-trade by stealth.