Scientists On Trial? Retired Lawyer?s Blogsite To Examine Earlier ?Predictions? Made By Climate ?Experts?

Source:  No Tricks Zone


We already have Climate Audit, but now it looks like we may be getting ?Climate Scientists on Trial?. Here?s a site you?ll want to subscribe to, bookmark ? or at least visit on a regular basis:

As the name says, it focusses on earlier climate predictions made by the global warming alarmists (and there have been many) and compares them to what really happened. The site is run by Ian Hipwell, a retired lawyer from Sydney, Australia.

I think Ian will be a real asset because in his profession one is often trained to hold people?s feet to fire. Many like to say or write things, but are they able to back it all up later on. After all people who listen to these experts often act and make decisions based on the things said, and thus may incur either benefit or major damage as a result.

Alarmist scientists have said lots of things in the past, and it?s time to go back and look at them. The approach could be something like: Mr. Scientist, 15 years ago you said snow and ice would be things of the past, yet we are now seeing record snowfalls and harsh winters. Which is the lie?

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