Prediction That Global Warming Causes More Storms Fails Empirical Testing – IPCC Climate Models Wrong

Source:  C3 Headlines

Read here. The IPCC’s climate models and its “consensus” of 97% of climate scientists have proven to be robustly wrong again. The prediction that global warming will cause an increase of storms with greater frequency does not hold up to empirical-based scrutiny.

Alexander et al. published a peer-reviewed study that found storms in the southeast region of Australia showing a significant reduction since the late 19th century.

…analyzed storminess across the whole of southeast (SE) Australia using extreme (standardized seasonal 95th and 99th percentiles) geostrophic winds deduced from eight widespread stations possessing sub-daily atmospheric pressure observations dating back to the late 19th century…The four researchers report that their results “show strong evidence for a significant reduction in intense wind events across SE Australia over the past century.” More specifically, they say that “in nearly all regions and seasons, linear trends estimated for both storm indices over the period analyzed show a decrease,” while “in terms of the regional average series,” they say that “all seasons show statistically significant declines in both storm indices, with the largest reductions in storminess in autumn and winter.” [Lisa V. Alexander, Xiaolan L. Wang, Hui Wan, Blair Trewin 2011: Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal]