Panic Time! IPCC Climate Scientist Serves Up Litany Of Excuses For Warming Stop

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By P Gosselin

The online Swiss here reports on a new study just appearing in the latest Nature Geoscience, authored by devout warmist climate scientist Reto Knutti of the Zurich ETH.

Knutti?s study and the article are in a panicked scramble to explain why there hasn?t been any warming in more than 15 years, insisting that global warming has only paused and eventually will resume with renewed vigor ? at time yet to be determined time in the future.

The title of the piece is: ?Climate Warming Takes a Break?.

The introduction reads:

Climate warming continues, but it?s taking a break. The reasons for that, among others, are the temporary weak solar irradiance and phenomena such as La Niña.?

The tone of the article is one of shaking a finger at the incorrigible, irresponsible and manipulative climate skeptics and advising readers to not stop being afraid and to never ever believe those skeptics.

Litany of excuses

Citing Prof Knutti?s ETH, writes that ?multiple possible reasons have been systematically investigated for the first time.?

The all new litany of excuses they present includes:
* aerosols (of course)
* La Niña
* weaker solar radiation
* low sunspot number
* volcano eruptions
* inadequate, unreliable temperature measurement methodology!

That?s right, all the factors that they stupidly refused to adequately incorporate in their models, despite being told time and again by skeptics not to neglect them. Now they are FINALLY telling us there?s indeed a Mai Tai cocktail of natural reasons for the absence of warming.

Antsy warmists

Their panic is truly palpable, at least in Switzerland. Knutti and his fellow warmists are so antsy about rescuing their warming that he is now actively hinting at making up temperature data. The writes that according to Knutti, satellites ?do not deliver any data on especially high upward spikes. As a result the average temperature has been under-stated.?

To me that is a clear statement advocating adjusting the data upwards. He talks about the lack of Arctic stations and hints at ?filling in? where data do not exist?i.e. making them up. And speaking of the temporary cooling impacts, Knutti insists:

They don?t change anything when it comes to the longer term climate warming due to the greenhouse gas emissions.?

All sounds like a religion desperately clinging to doctrine.