Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society: Climate Occupiers

Source: John D. Trudel

Dear Friends,

Some highly credentialed scientist friends of mine were just strong armed by OMSI, when their scheduled presentation at OMSI was canceled at the last minute due to pressure from the professional Global Warming Alarmists who feed at the ?climate money? trough. Astronomical amounts of the taxpayers? money ($79 Billion through July 2009) have been wasted on this science fraud, plus Billions more on mythical Green Jobs, e.g. Solyndra, and Billions more funneled through the State Department to the 3rdworld to mitigate (nonexistent) global warming.

This breaking news needs to get to the media and the elected officials who help fund Oregon Colleges. At present there are attempts to reschedule the event in January.


John D. Trudel


On Nov 26, Gordon Fulks wrote:

Hello Everyone, 

The Oregon American Meteorological Society’s event featuring Meteorologist Chuck Wiese, Climatologist George Taylor, and me on November 29 at OMSI was canceled at the last minute today due to pressure from local universities and others who were apparently upset that our skeptical perspective on Global Warming would interfere with their climate agendas and Federal funding.  Details will surely leak out as will whatever reasons they will cite as a cover story. 

We suspected this would happen and would happen at the last minute to make it impossible to reschedule the event immediately.  But we are grateful to the President of the local AMS chapter (Steve Pierce) and some members of his Board who have expressed a strong determination to reschedule this event in January.  Even those Board members who may not support our position on Global Warming seem determined that this event WILL go forward.  That should be a warning to those who orchestrated this power play.  Most AMS members clearly want to hear both sides, without their organization taking any sides.   I applaud their professional behavior.  We are not seeking any endorsements, because that is not how science works. 

We are seeking the opportunity to present the logic and evidence that are so crucial in objective science.  That should not threaten ANYONE who supports real science. 

Please be sure to mark your calendars for the January event when we have a specific date and venue that will be more difficult for Alarmists to scuttle. 

BANNED BY OMSI, Portland State University, and others – Come and find out what they did not want you to hear!

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

Corbett, Oregon USA