Opinion About CRU by Watts Poster

Poster – Bananabender

BP and Shell established the CRU in 1971. They still fund it ? along with other major oil & gas producers and the nuclear industry The only logical reason for doing this was to provide a scientific justification for shutting down the coal industry. Shutting down coal means far more natural gas is sold.

In creating the CRU it is obvious that Shell and BP deliberately chose the worst university in Britain. The University of East Anglia was newly created, cash-strapped and haven for left wing activists.

BP and Shell also made sure that CRU was stacked with mediocre activist scientists. Why would they do this? A highly reputable university such as Oxford or Harvard would have demanded far more rigorous checks and balances and a far higher degree of independence from the cash source. Mediocre scientists are far more malleable because they don?t have a choice of alternative jobs.

The outcome was predictable. If you get a bunch of third rate researchers and ply them with enough money will get the results you want.

Appointing oil company director Rajendra Pachauri to head the IPCC was extra insurance.