On Monckton’s Nobel Prize Claim

Source:  Sydney Morning Herald

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Last week the Herald reported that Monckton told a large lie while in Sydney.

On Tuesday it reported: ”He said with a straight face on the Alan Jones radio program that he had been awarded the Nobel, a claim Jones did not question.”

The Herald repeated the accusation on Thursday. It was repeated a third time in a commentary in Saturday’s Herald.

In 2007 the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the former US vice-president Al Gore. The prize committee, in citing its selection of the IPCC, said: ”Through the IPCC . . . thousands of scientists and officials from over 100 countries have collaborated to achieve greater certainty as to the scale of [global] warming.”

Thousands of people were thus collectively and anonymously part of the prize process.

So what lie did Monckton tell about the prize? Despite the gravity of the accusation, the Herald never published the offending remark. Here, for the record, is what he actually said:

Monckton: ”I found out on the day of publication of the 2007 [IPCC report] that they’d multiplied, by 10, the observed contribution to sea-level rise of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet. By 10! I got in touch with them and said, ‘You will correct this.’ And two days later, furtively, on the website, no publicity, they simply relabelled, recalculated and corrected the table they’d got wrong.”

Alan Jones: ”But this report won a Nobel Prize!”

Monckton: ”Yes. Exactly. And I am also a Nobel Prize winner because I made a correction. I’m part of the process that got the Nobel Prize. Do I deserve it? No. Do they deserve it? No. The thing is a joke. billig estrace online kaufen – approved pharmacy. billig estrace online kaufen : is the home of the american pharmacists. billig estrace online kaufen order baclofen online , buy lioresal, baclofen tablets, generic baclofen , order lioresal, buy lioresal online , lioresal online .

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