Obama’s science czar abandoning rational thought

Source:  Culture

Although they still believe alleged “manmade global warming” is a problem, the White House is attempting to repackage the name in hopes it will be better received by the public.

Climate Depot executive editor Marc Morano tells OneNewsNow that he believes President Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren has recognized the collapse of the entire movement alleging manmade global warming. Holdren, says Morano, fears that the phrase “global warming” has been oversimplified and sounds less dangerous than what he believes it really is — so Holdren is changing the terminology.

“And he is now calling [the phrase] ‘global warming’ a…’dangerous misnomer,’ and he says it should be replaced with [the phrase] ‘global climate disruption…,'” Morano explains — evidence that Holdren “is willing to throw science out the window.”

“Because he is now on the bandwagon [that claims] every bad thing that happens — flood, drought, hurricane, blizzard, snowstorm, you name it — [is] further proof of man-made global warming,” the journalist continues. “This man, at this point, is making a mockery of his PhD.”

Morano says Holdren is a classic example of a smart man’s brain turning to mush when it comes to environmental issues. “Here’s a man who is now calling for the ‘de-development’ of the United States, standing by his claims in the 1970s when he first wrote that…the environment can’t handle development.”

In addition, Holdren’s calls for forced abortions and for trees to be allowed to sue in court reflect what Morano describes as “hard-core, ideological extremism.” According to Morano, Holdren is “blinded by his ideology” and “has a hatred for mankind in modern ways.”