Obama’s radical EPA chief quits

Source:  Examinor. com

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson, a former engineer and head of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection has been Obama?s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator through his first term. Jackson led her state’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and has aligned herself with militant eco-groups in every job-killing green agenda item imaginable. Her radical green activism under Obama has raised suspicion about the negative economic impacts of EPA regulations — a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that only 39% approve of the EPA, while 34% disapprove and 27% are undecided. Much of Jackson?s ambitious regulatory portfolio has ultimately failed in judicial review. Jackson has admitted to unlawfully operating anonymous e-mail accounts in conducting EPA government business, and is presently under Congressional investigation for such excesses.

Lisa Jackson, President Obama?s chief of the EPA, resigned last week. In Obama?s first four years, she led our nation?s preeminent government environmental regulator in the most radical green initiatives of the 40-year history of the EPA. Massive new regulations from Jackson restricted power plants, industrial plants, mining, refineries and automakers, and as with all environmental regulations imbedded more costs in all goods, services and activities in America in exchange for negligible environmental benefits.

Here are some of Jackson?s gratuitous and punishing environmental regulations:

? When greenhouse gas cap-and-trade legislation failed in Congress in 2010, Jackson and Obama set out to punish the U.S. coal-fired utility industry. They trusted people like NASA scientist James Hansen, who has characterized coal plants as ?factories of death.? They would move by all government means to eliminate coal plants and other greenhouse gas sources;
? In July 2012, the EPA proposed a limit of 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per megawatt of electricity generated from new power plants. This limit would prevent construction of coal plants unless unproven ?carbon capture? is used, and would have the effect of shutting down all coal-fired electric utilities by 2020;
? EPA?s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule finalized in July 2011 would enact new reductions in sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from electric power plants, even though since 1970 U.S. such emissions have fallen by 56% to 40%. Up to 576 U.S. coal-fired power plants would need upgrades to meet the new standards at a cost approaching $120 billion;
? In February 2012, the EPA finalized the Utility MACT, the first ever regulation of power plant emissions of mercury. Exploiting childrens? health, Jackson announced the rule at the National Children?s Hospital, stating that the rule would ?protect our children.? Using fear mongering perfected by eco-propagandists, she failed to mention that U.S. mercury emissions have been dramatically reduced over the last 25 years. Nor did she mention that natural emissions of mercury from volcanoes, geysers, and deep-sea vents are 100 times larger than emissions from U.S. power plants. (Washington Times, Jan. 6, 2013)

Green-obsessed bureaucrats, militant eco-groups and lazy-lemming eco-journalists have become an ?axis of antagonism? that we can no longer afford