Obama Praises Brazilian Oil Industry While He Stifles Oil Drilling at Home

Source:  GateWay Pundit

Thanks to Barack Obama’s failed buy lioresal australia : all debit/credit cards accepted. available for immediate do you need lioresal and baclofen , the substance contained in it? you can buy energy policies, seven deepwater rigs were moved from the Gulf of Mexico in the last year. At least one of the rigs was relocated to Brazil.
Barack Obama loves Brazilian energy production.

Barack Obama praised the emerging Brazilian oil industry yesterday.
Reuters reported:
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The agreements were signed on the first day of U.S. President Barack Obama’s two-day visit to Brazil, where he met with Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff and a host of local and U.S. business executives.

Following is a summary of the agreements that were signed:


The United States seeks to be “a strategic energy partner” to Brazil, which recently discovered major new offshore oil reserves. Obama said the United States wants to be one of Brazil’s “best customers” when the oil starts flowing.

Both nations also will increase cooperation on producing biofuels with a specific separate agreement to team up on developing biofuels for aviation.

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But, while Obama praised Brazilian energy production he continues to stifle energy production here at home.
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To be fair, President Obama is in favor of drilling…but just not in the United States.

His numerous bans, restrictions, and proposed taxes are hamstringing America’s ability to produce more oil and gas and are thereby increasing gas and diesel prices. In fact, even the federal government projects that domestic oil production will drop by 220,000 barrels per day in 2011 due to the President’s anti-drilling agenda. Production in 2012 will drop even more…

…American Solutions is re-launching Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less for one big reason: President Obama’s continuing war on American energy is dramatically increasing the price of gas and diesel.

By the way… Obama is going to lend billions of dollars to Brazil to finance exploration of its huge offshore oil field discovery. His good buddy George Soros is invested heavily in Brazilian energy.

UPDATE: The Obama Administration just can i get valtrex online. buy valtrex ( valaciclovir ). buy valtrex ( valaciclovir ). approved a deepwater drilling permit for Petrobas in the Gulf of Mexico.

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