Note from Climate depot

by Marc Morano

To keep up with the unprecedented pace of the collapse of the warming movement, please check often.

ALERT: UK Times: UN IPCC’s Pachauri was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen! — ‘But he waited two months to correct it’

The end is nigh: UK Times accuses Pachauri of ‘a direct lie’

Chinese Scientists: UN IPCC ‘may have overstated the link between global temps and CO2’

UN IPCC’s Pachauri ‘falls out of favor in home country’ as pressure mounts for him to step down — Actions called ‘unscientific and uncalled for…his standing among scientists has fallen’

Warming Professor Laments: ‘Deniers winning climate change war’ — Skeptics are ‘better communicators’

UN IPCC’s Activist ‘Science’ Revealed: Greenpeace cited as ‘sole source’ for ‘coral reef degradation’ claims: ‘Greenpeace seems to have had a significant hand in the IPCC’

Reality Check: Cold kills coral in Florida Keys; 1st time since ’70s

Yet More UN IPCC Woes: ‘Hypothesis: The IPCC created a graph that did not exist in peer reviewed literature to suggest a relationship between increasing temperatures and rising disaster costs’

UN IPCC’s Pachauri Confronts Critics: ‘I don’t think the credibility of IPCC can be dented. If IPCC wasn’t there, why would anyone be worried about climate change?’