NOAA Climate Scientist: ?We Need to Do Whatever We Can to Reduce Population?

Source:  hauntingthelibrary

John Miller, a climate scientist working for NOAA (, has been filmed at a ?350? climate change rally at the Denver statehouse calling for control of population and an end to the ?madness? of economic growth.

In what was clearly a passionate and deeply heartfelt speech, Miller told the audience, to cheers and applause:

I would be remiss, as a scientist who studied this, if I didn?t mention the following two things:

The first is that, most importantly, we need to do, as a society, in this country and globally, whatever we can to reduce population. [Cheers, applause.] It?s the ?master variable? that controls everything [shouts of “that’s right”].

Doing whatever it takes to reduce population is the number one thing for the good Dr Miller. And the second thing? Ending the ?madness? of economic growth.

Our whole economic system is based on growth, and growth of our population, and this madness has to end.

Well quite. Who said this global warming business was politically driven? All they?re demanding is control of reproduction and the economy.

See for yourself: