Newspaper Says Too Many Poor People, Demands ?Cut This Population In Half?

Source:  hauntingthelibrary

A local newspaper in Tennessee, the Jackson Sun, has printed a provocative news article arguing that crime is out of control because there are too many poor people, and proposing that their population needs to be controlled for the public good.

In what was a retrospective on the local situation in the previous year (2010) Tom Bohs, an editor at the Jackson Sun wrote:

The next problem still plaguing our Jackson-Madison County community is crime. Simply put, people don?t feel safe in Jackson, and no one seems to be able to do much about it. The city?s image is tarnished by our high crime rate. Until we figure out a way to reduce the size of the community?s poorly parented, undereducated and unemployed underclass, don?t expect things to get much better on the crime front.

Jackson?s crime problem is not the fault of law enforcement. There simply are too many people with too little upbringing, too little education and too few opportunities to lead constructive lives, so they turn to crime. Cut this population in half through better parenting and more education, and Jackson would go from being a high crime city to one of the safest.

Jackson Sun. 2010: The Good, the Bad, and the Unfortunate.

The editorial drew an approving response from one reader, who only wished the editor had gone further and made the message clearer, saying:

Here is a hint on reducing the number of people: Stop having babies! I know Bohs has to be careful about stepping on people?s toes when he writes. But a vasectomy is a simple and effective way to control births. Most men just don?t have the courage to have it done.

Letter to the Editor. There Are Simple Ways to Control Population Growth.

The article forms part of a growing trend to blame social, ecological and economic problems on overpopulation, fuelling calls for population control and restrictions, including a ?climate tax? on having children from one IPCC expert reviewer.