Muller Stands Accused by Researcher: Muller 'broke a confidentiality agreement…I've had it up to here with being lied to by Muller… with his tricks & whoring for the media'

Source: Climatedepot

by Marc Morano

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Richard Muller Stands Accused by Climate Researcher : Muller ‘broke a confidentiality agreement…I’ve had it up to here with being lied to by Muller, I’m fed up with his tricks & his whoring for the media’

Climate researcher Willis Eschenbach Slams Muller: Muller ‘engages in shameless self-promotion…Sure, I could pretend Muller is an honest and honorable man like you recommend. But his actions have shown him to be a cunning snake’.

Climate Researcher Willis Eschenbach rips Richard Muller: ‘He is a deceptive, sneaky man, an activist who professes neutrality’ — Muller’s email:

‘Muller is a man who thinks nothing of throwing someone to the wolves, a panderer for his latest findings. And as far as I’m concerned, all you guys acting like he is a decent man, and advising me not to mention the Emperor’s nudity, are accomplices in his deception’

‘The cooling after 1950 has disappeared. Winston Smith would be proud!’

Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘The promoters of man-made climate fears are now reduced to claiming — as Richard Muller did — that any warming trend equals some sort of ‘proof’ of man-made warming’

Media Punked by Berkeley Warmist Richard Muller Posing as Skeptic — But Muller has been a believer in AGW –since the 1980s!

This is who the media considers to be a skeptic?: Muller in 2008: ‘The bottom line is that there is a consensus ? the IPCC ? and the president needs to know what the IPCC says. Second, they say that most of the warming of the last 50 years is probably due to humans’ — ‘Back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power’

Memo to Media: Richard Muller no skeptic: In 2006, Muller estimated 2 in 3 odds that humans are causing global warming’

Even warmists at pan BEST and Muller: ‘Overall,we are underwhelmed by the quality of Berkeley effort so far’

‘And we remain greatly disappointed by Muller’s public communications (e.g. his WSJ op-ed) which appear far more focused on raising his profile than enlightening the public about the state of the science’

UK Telegraph’s Delingpole calls Muller’s WSJ OPED a ‘ramblingly disingenuous piece…employing utterly reprehensible dishonesty and trickery’

‘Richard Muller has crassly fudged the distinction [between man-made warming and warming] to make a point which has nothing to do with science and everything to do with gutter politics…Climate Depot’s Morano also, incidentally, has links to scientists pouring cold water on Muller’s ludicrous claims. I don’t think I’ve heard Morano sound quite so angry or contemptuous. And I don’t blame him’

UK Telegraph Cites Climate Depot: ‘ The case for AGW theory has been getting weaker by the minute, as Marc Morano notes in his characteristically feisty summary of the current state of play’

‘The Warmists lost the battle over ‘the science’ long ago; that’s why the best they can do now is resort to the kind of risible semantic ruse like this deliberate conflation of ‘global warming’ with ‘man made global warming’

Climate Researcher Willis Eschenbach Slams Richard Muller: ‘ I’m tired of people playing nice when folks are trying to sentence the poor to a lifetime of un-obtainably expensive energy’

‘I’m sick of the silence surrounding egregious scientific malfeasance…I’m upset that people are not outraged at this attempt to assuage some liberal guilt by making energy, the lifeblood of the poor, more and more and more expensive with each passing day’

MIT’s Richard Lindzen & Physicist David Douglass: Muller’s findings of warming are ‘nothing remarkable’ — BEST study does not alter Climategate’s ‘serious breaches of ethics’

Lindzen & Douglass slam media for ‘completely misrepresenting Climategate’: Scandal revealed ‘explicit evidence of the manipulation of proxy records used in paleoclimate reconstructions, suppression of other viewpoints, manipulation of IPCC process, and intimidation of journal editors were all evidence of serious breaches of ethics. Muller’s findings hardly alters these findings’

Climate Depot cited in Talking Points Memo: ‘Deniers Abandon ”Befuddled Warmist” — [Morano’s] right. Muller’s conclusions aren’t technically in conflict with the views of a subset of skeptics’

‘Climate Depot since March of 2011 had been publicly warning that Muller’s project was a predetermined con set up to take down a straw man argument. ‘This whole [Muller] project has to be a set up to screw skeptics. Who disputes warming has taken place? Why have we allowed Muller to set up a straw man argument to take cheap shots at skeptics? It appears Muller is incapable of running this project’

Word Of The Day: ‘Warmist’: Warmist gives Climate Depot credit for ‘warmist’: ‘I have to give Morano credit. He’s the first person to expose me to the use of the word ‘warmist’ — ‘ (I guess that makes Morano a ‘coldist’?) I now see, thanks to Morano, that this term has some currency among deniers’

‘Hoodwinked by Muller’s Berkeley Earth’: ‘My previous post was too polite about Berkeley Earth. I’d not figured out Muller’s game’

Media Con: ‘The mainstream media have have portrayed him as a repentant climate skeptic who has wonderful new evidence confirming man-made global warming’