More Devestating Than Global Warming? Leftists & Alarmists Turn UK Into Just Another Banana-Island Republic

Source:  C3 Headlines

The UK is a shell of its former “superpower” self. Sadly, the country that stood up to Hitler has evolved into a nation of pathetic, weak, frightened souls. This once great nation is now solely led by a small group of elitists who casually propagate melodramatic fears with the objectives of asserting greater control and self-enrichment for themselves. In essence, the UK ruling class has become their country’s own worst enemy.

The current events of the UK read like some third world banana republic where Monty Python-crazed despots are institutionalizing irrational policies of self-destruction. Literally, the former superpower has become the world’s super joke – and it’s all self-inflicted.

Read a few recent UK headlines and weep, not only for the UK, but for the U.S. as Obama and Democrats try their damnedest to out-stupid the UK ruling class:

UK – “Fantasy Island”

prednisone online india cost of prednisone without insurance prednisone online UK Middle classes “bear brunt of liberal elite’s obsession with climate change”

UK’s Royalty Advice: ‘Follow the Islamic way to save the world,’ Prince Charles urges environmentalists

UK Whitewash: Climategate enquiry papers “endorsed by Climategate’s own Phil Jones

5 days ago – deaths cases of pills cheap dapoxetine online citizens citizens citizens. best price for dapoxetine sale and and competitors are are are  UK’s Climate Agencies: CRU/UEA breached Freedom of Information rules

The Oil buy cheap valtrex (valacyclovir) at discount prices online.. cheap valtrex.. buy cheap valtrex online.. anti viral, buy valtrex (valacyclovir).. Spill” Reward: BP Ex CEO Gets British Government Job

Climate Skepticism Could Soon Be a Criminal Offence in UKGreen Police Become A Reality in the UK!

British campaigner urges UN to accept ‘ecocide’ as international crime

Green Britain Faces Blackouts

UK Climate Madness: switch off motorway lights to reduce emissionsLondon’s New

Climate Czar ‘made so many foreign trips by air in his job that his carbon footprint is already 30 times bigger than the UK average’

UK Climate Change Policies Undermine Economic RecoveryPower rationed

on UK’s ‘green island’ Eigg after mild weather causes droughtUK To

Spend Billions of Pounds for Tiny Results Towards Stopping climate Change! UK will fail climate change targetUK energy secretary pledges ‘radical overhaul’ of homes to save carbon UK Household gas and electricity bills are expected to rocket fourfold to nearly £5,000 a year due to climate policies

Britain’s Wind Scam Worse Than Thought

Closing down Britain

Britain’s Green Suicide: Soaring UK Energy Prices Destroy Industrial Base

UK Climate Madness: call for supermarket goods to have “carbon labelling”UK ads banned for overstating climate change

Children frightened or anxious about climate by UK school alarmist propaganda

Climate Revolt By Scientists Rocks UK’s Royal Society

The End is Nigh: UK science writer Matt Ridley Loses Faith — ‘Finally exhausted his patience with environmental movement’

Emission Fine Fears Grip British Firms

UK leads the way in spending billions to achieve no benefit

U.K. Energy Policy In A Muddle (It’s a freaking mess)

Government admits Britain will fail to meet 2010 carbon emission target

In Brown’s 21st Century England, this is what we were reduced to yesterday.

A taste of things to come UK Incompetence

UK Carbon Traders Charged with Laundering

Wind Farms Produced Little Electricity During UK Cold Spell

UK Government Failed To Act Despite Road Salt Warming

SHIVERING Britain faces the prospect of gas supply shortages

UK Fuel bills could rise by £250 per annum to pay for switch to renewables

Alarmist Prince Charles of UK travels by private Airbus; suggests solar powered garbage cans might help save Canada from overheating


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