More Confirmation That Unprecedented Global Warming Happened In Past – Say, The 1930s

Source:  C3 headlines

Now that scientists have confirmed that global warming has been entirely missing since 1998, possibly the the lamestream press will finally gain the courage to finally report actual weather and climate facts, such as reporting the global cooling trend since 2002. This would be a huge improvement versus their modern method of doing climate science by press release.

Initially, they might start addressing the unprecedented warming that took place during the 1930s well before the large human CO2 emissions. The fact that the 1930s had a much larger impact on U.S. temperatures than either 1990s or the 2000s should be of interest; also very germane to the modern “unprecedented” warming deception foisted on them by climate scientists more interested in fame and fortune.  (click on image to enlarge)

US State hot temps 7-8-2011 1930s: 24  states

1950s:   5 states

1990s:   5 states

2000s:   1 state

Updated: Both map and list above updated with more current information from here.

Additional modern temperature charts.


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