Morano Updates the Muller/BEST Study Controversy

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Confused Richard Muller now claims: ‘I never said you shouldn’t be a skeptic. I never said that’ — Reality Check from his article: ‘Let me explain why you should not be a skeptic’

Muller did say, ‘you should not be a skeptic’ — and so he told an unambiguous falsehood to the interviewer

Warmist Muller: Scientists ‘Endorse Al Gore Even Though They Know What He’s Saying Is Exaggerated and Misleading’

‘He’ll (Gore) talk about polar bears dying even though we know they’re not dying’

Muller: Climategate a ‘scandal’, ‘terrible’, ‘shameful’ ‘Some people say that I proved there was no Climategate. No! The Climategate thing was a scandal’

Muller on Climategate: ‘It was terrible what they buy advair diskus 500 50 generic advair diskus available cheap fluticasone did. It was shameful the way they hid the data’

Muller: ‘The rise in temp is small, 1.6 degrees, but it is real…We’re not sure how much of that is due to humans but the global warming models predict that it would be about that much’

Muller trashes WashPost’s Eugene Robinson: Muller is asked: ‘WaPo’s Eugene says what Dr. Muller says proves that these skeptics are wrong and they gotta get on this cap-and-trade train’

Muller responds: ‘Uh, that’s ridiculous’

Muller’s BEST Research Team Can’t Find ;Accelerating’ Warming — Instead, Confirms Recent Global Cooling

Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels: ‘The last ten years of the BEST data indeed show no statistically significant warming trend, no matter how you slice and dice them’

‘The policy significance of BEST will be nil because the length of time it will take re-establish a warming trend since 1996 is too long to politically support any expensive intervention’

‘It’s ok to release press releases about half-baked conclusions, and claim you aren’t trying to get media attention, and then disagree with the conclusions you stated yesterday. You are trying to save the world, lies are ‘forgiveable’

Climate Audit’s McIntyre on Muller: ‘BEST’s attempt to claim the territory up to & including satellite trends as unoccupied or contested Terra Nova is very misleading’

‘Unfortunately, BEST have not lived up to their commitment to transparency in this paper. Code is not available. Worse, even the classification of sites between very rural and very urban is not archived, with the pdf of the paper disconcertingly pointing to a warning that the link is unavailable (making it appear like none even read the final preprint before placing it online.)’

Climate Audit’s McIntyre on Muller: ‘The new temp calculations…shed no light on proxy reconstructions & do not rebut misconduct evidenced in Climategate emails’

‘One great regret about BEST’s overall strategy…the actual best way to improve quality of temp reconstructions from station data is to really focus on quality, rather than quantity…They adopted the opposite strategy (a strategy equivalent to Mann”s proxy reconstructions). Throw dec 4, 2014 – generic4all cialis. mezclado con ments; namely buy cheap dapoxetine online succumbing to “proliferative phase mitochondrion and urged  everything into black box with no regard for quality and hope the mess can be salvaged with software.Unfortunately, it seems to me that they failed in this objective and actually end’

Climatologist Pielke Sr.: Muller’s ‘BEST overstated completeness of their study. They have not yet examined all aspects of station quality, homogenization, urbanization, & station selection’

Muller’s study ‘failed to adequately consider the range of issues that are yet to be resolved. and have prematurely reported their findings and conclusions both in their submitted papers and in their media interactions’

Muller refuted: ‘How is it headline material when someone who was never a skeptic pretends to be ‘converted’ by a result that told us something we all knew anyway?’

Scientist slams Muller as a ‘charlatan from a California University who attempted to pull off one of the most transparent scams in science history…he was nailed for his nonsensical and unethical comments to the press’

Run away! Muller backs off attack on skeptics

Muller’s new version of events: ‘I was saying you can no longer be skeptical about the fact global temperatures buy viagra online. online prescription and secure payment! order viagra with overnight shipping! have risen over the past 50 years. There are other aspects of climate change which are still uncertain as I have made clear.’

‘But in his Wall Street Journal oped, Muller wrote: ‘But now let me explain why you should not be a skeptic, at least not any longer’

More background on Muller below:

For latest, go to – [Morano statement: It is not surprising that Muller’s research has unraveled at such a spectacular rate. Muller has proven nothing more than a media shill and has quite simply brought shame to science. One of the low-points was Muller’s moronic logic on display for all to read in the Wall Street Journal. The free-fall of Richard Muller’s reputation was achieved by his own hand.] 

Note: Muller is copied on this news alert. Check out the new Climate Depot Richard Muller page here]

Climategate 2.0? The Muller Con Unravels! Hid Data? Muller accused by his co-author of ‘trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped’ — ‘Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Dept of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Inst. of Tech., said that Muller’s claim that he has proven global warming skeptics wrong was also a ‘huge mistake’, with no scientific basis. Curry is a distinguished climate researcher with more than 30 years experience and the second named co-author of BEST project’s 4 research papers’

Muller’s Best Confirms Global Temp Standstill: ‘Contrary to claims being made by Muller, [his] data confirms, & places on a firmer statistical basis, the global temp standstill of past 10 years’

Muller a statistical shyster? ‘Could it really be the case that Muller has not looked at the data in an appropriate way to see the last ten years clearly? Indeed Best seems to have worked hard to obscure it. They present data covering more almost 200 years is presented with a short x-axis and a stretched y-axis to accentuate the increase…This is an ideal formula for suppressing the past decade’s data’

Muller Brings Shame to Science: For Muller ‘to have chosen this particular moment to launch a major international publicity blitz is a highly unethical sabotage of the peer review process’

Prof. Ross McKitrick: ‘The fact is that many of the people who are in a position to provide informed criticism of this work are currently bound by confidentiality agreements’

‘In Prof Curry’s view, two of the papers were not ready to be published, in part because they did not properly address the arguments of climate sceptics’ — ‘As for the graph disseminated to the media, Curry said: ‘This is “hide the decline] stuff. Our data show the pause, just as the other sets of data do. Muller is hiding the decline…To say this is the end of scepticism is misleading, as is the statement that warming hasn’t paused. It is also misleading to say, as he has, that the issue of heat islands has been settled’

Muller co-author Judith Curry ‘said this affair had to be compared to the notorious ‘Climategate’ scandal two years ago

‘Like the scientists exposed then by leaked emails from East Anglia U.’s Climatic Research Unit, Curry’s colleagues from BEST project seem to be trying to ‘hide the decline’ in rates of global warming…data show there has been no increase in world temps since the end of the 1990s…’There is no scientific basis for saying that warming hasn’t stopped,’ Curry said. ‘To say that there is detracts from credibility of the data, which is very unfortunate.’

Muller co-author Judith Curry: ‘Of course this isn’t the end of scepticism. To say that is the biggest mistake he [Muller] has made. When I saw he was saying that I just thought, ‘Oh my God’ — ‘In fact, Muller added, in the wake of the unexpected global warming standstill, many climate scientists who had previously rejected sceptics’ arguments were now taking them much more seriously’

Richrd Muller co-author Judith Curry: ‘I am baffled as to what Muller’s trying to do….I think they have made errors and I distance myself from what they did’ — ‘Although Prof Curry is the second named author of all 4 papers, Muller failed to consult her before deciding to put them on the internet earlier this month, when the peer review process had barely started, and to issue a detailed press release at same time. He also briefed selected journalists individually. ‘It is not how I would have played it,’ Curry said. ‘I was informed only when I got a group email’

Muller Con: Claims he was ‘not seeking publicity’ — Claims his decision to publish was completely unrelated to UN climate conference — UN summit was ‘irrelevant’

Oh really?! ‘Elizabeth Muller,co-founder & Executive Dir, of Berkeley Earth, said she hopes [Muller’s] findings will help ‘cool the debate over global warming’ — …in run-up to [UN climate] meeting…She is strongly implying that BEST’s findings…justify radical worldwide government action to reduce CO2 emissions

— ‘By contrast, from 1910 to 1940 temperatures rose very fast while CO2 hardly increased at all’

Fizzle: Alarmist academics doubt impact from Muller: ‘Report would ultimately have little effect on discourse, because Muller chose to publish before they underwent review process’

Richard Muller Stands Accused by Climate Researcher : Muller ‘broke a confidentiality agreement…I’ve had it up to here with being lied to by Muller, I’m fed up with his tricks & his whoring for the media’

Climate researcher Willis Eschenbach buy estrace online, generic estradiol cream cost , estradiol cream no prescription. Slams Muller: Muller ‘engages in shameless self-promotion…Sure, I could pretend Muller is an honest and honorable man like you recommend. But his actions have shown him to be a cunning snake’

Climate Researcher Willis Eschenbach rips Richard Muller: ‘He is a deceptive, sneaky man, an activist who professes neutrality’ — Muller’s email:

‘Muller is a man who thinks nothing of throwing someone to the wolves, a panderer for his latest findings. And as far as I’m concerned, all you guys acting like he is a decent man, and advising me not to mention the Emperor’s nudity, are accomplices in his deception’

‘The cooling after 1950 has disappeared. Winston Smith would be proud!’

Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘The promoters of man-made climate fears are now reduced to claiming — as Richard Muller did — that any warming trend equals some sort of ‘proof’ of man-made warming’

Media Punked by Berkeley Warmist Richard Muller Posing as Skeptic — But Muller has been a believer in AGW –since the 1980s!

This is who the media considers jan 1, 1970 – buy fluoxetine online. where can i order fluoxetine without prescription in canada; lowest price generic fluoxetine pills for sale  to be a skeptic?: Muller in 2008: ‘The bottom line is that there is a consensus — the IPCC — and the president needs to know what the IPCC says. Second, they say that most of the warming of the last 50 years is probably due to humans’ — ‘Back in the early ’80s, I resigned from the Sierra Club over the issue of global warming. At that time, they were opposing nuclear power’

Memo to Media: Richard Muller no skeptic: In 2006, Muller estimated 2 in 3 odds that humans are causing global warming’

Even warmists at pan BEST and Muller: ‘Overall,we are underwhelmed by the quality of Berkeley effort so far’

‘And we remain greatly disappointed by Muller’s public communications (e.g. his WSJ op-ed) which appear far more focused on raising his profile than enlightening the public about the state of the science’

UK Telegraph’s Delingpole calls Muller’s WSJ OPED a ‘ramblingly disingenuous piece…employing utterly reprehensible dishonesty and trickery’

‘Richard Muller has crassly fudged the distinction [between man-made warming and warming] to make a point which has nothing to do with science and everything to do with gutter politics…Climate Depot’s Morano also, incidentally, has links to scientists pouring cold water on Muller’s ludicrous claims. I don’t think I’ve heard Morano sound quite so angry or contemptuous. And I don’t blame him’

UK Telegraph Cites Climate Depot: ‘ The case for AGW theory has been getting weaker by the minute, as Marc Morano notes in his characteristically feisty summary of the current state of play’

‘The Warmists lost the battle over ‘the science’ long ago; that’s why the best they can do now is resort to the kind of risible semantic ruse like this deliberate conflation of ‘global warming’ with ‘man made global warming’

Climate Researcher Willis Eschenbach Slams Richard Muller: ‘ I’m tired of people playing nice when folks are trying to sentence the poor to a lifetime of un-obtainably expensive energy’

‘I’m sick of the silence surrounding egregious scientific malfeasance…I’m upset that people are not outraged at this attempt to assuage some liberal guilt by making energy, the lifeblood of the poor, more and more and more expensive with each passing day’

MIT’s Richard Lindzen & Physicist David Douglass: Muller’s findings of warming are ‘nothing remarkable’ — BEST study does not alter Climategate’s ‘serious breaches of ethics’

Lindzen & Douglass slam media for ‘completely misrepresenting Climategate’: Scandal revealed ‘explicit evidence of the manipulation of proxy records used in paleoclimate reconstructions, suppression of other viewpoints, manipulation of IPCC process, and intimidation of journal editors were all evidence of serious breaches of ethics. Muller’s findings hardly alters these findings’

Climate Depot cited in Talking Points Memo: ‘Deniers Abandon ”Befuddled Warmist” — [Morano’s] right. Muller’s conclusions aren’t technically in conflict with the views of a subset of skeptics’

‘Climate Depot since March of 2011 had been publicly warning that Muller’s project was a predetermined con set up to take down a straw man argument. ‘This whole [Muller] project has to be a set up to screw skeptics. Who disputes warming has taken place? Why have we allowed Muller to set up a straw man argument to take cheap shots at skeptics? It appears Muller is incapable of running this project’

Word Of The Day: ‘Warmist’: Warmist gives Climate Depot credit for ‘warmist’: ‘I have to give Morano credit. He’s the first person to expose me to the use of the word ‘warmist’ — ‘ (I guess that makes Morano a ‘coldist’?) I now see, thanks to Morano, that this term has some currency among deniers’

‘Hoodwinked by Muller’s Berkeley Earth’: ‘My previous post was too polite about Berkeley Earth. I’d not figured out Muller’s game’

Media Con: ‘The mainstream media have have portrayed him as a repentant climate skeptic who has wonderful new evidence confirming man-made global warming’

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